Got a question about Mini Fleet?

You might find the answer here. Below you'll find a list of the questions we're asked most about our Mini fleet policies. 

  • You can find this under the ‘Our Products’ section on RSA Online and they are also generated at New Business on all platforms. You can also access these on our website by finding it in the 'Commercial Products' section.

  • The Mini Fleet product is designed for Businesses and the Business use of the vehicles to be insured. In order to meet the eligibility, RSA require policies to be in the name of:

    • Limited Company
    • Partnership
    • Individual Trading as a company name

    RSA are unable to accept policies in the name of an individual on the Mini Fleet product.

  • If the registration search does not return accurate results then search manually by make and model search and ensure that the vehicle you select matches your Clients.

    For both Goods Carrying Vehicles over 3500kg and Fork Lift Trucks, vehicle details aren’t stored by Experian and therefore will need to be entered manually. Please ensure the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is entered correctly as this will impact the rating

    Brand new vehicles may not be present on the vehicle file and may require an alternative vehicle for rating purposes.  In such cases please contact RSA via Webchat, or where not possible by using the contact details at the bottom of this page, and we will assist you in selecting an alternative vehicle to use for rating.  

  • Vehicles on a lease/hire arrangement to the Policyholder are acceptable. We can also cover Directors Owned vehicles provided that the vehicle is still used for the business of the Policyholder, and does not represent more than 25% of the vehicle schedule.

    We are not in the market to write family fleets.

  • NCD is not earned on Mini Fleet - it is a Fleet rated product. We can take previously earned NCD into account when calculating the premium at New Business but we do not increase or step back NCD as part of the Mini Fleet renewal process

    No proof of bonus will be issued but we are able to provide confirmation of claims experience.

    If the customer wishes to move to an NCD rated product at renewal most insurers should be able to use the claims experience from a fleet policy to calculate an appropriate level of NCD to allow.

    Should you require something further in writing from RSA, please contact us to discuss further using Live Chat on RSA online or where not possible by using the contact details below.

  • If you require an up to date claims experience please send your request by email to

  • RSA are only looking to insure Forklift trucks that have a registration number and are for road use. If this is not the case, we cannot provide a quotation for the vehicle and a registration number should not be assumed to obtain a quotation.

    Non road registered forklifts can be insured as machinery items on a Combined or Engineering Policy.

  • RSA Mini Fleet can accommodate a mixture of cars, goods carrying vehicles, forklifts and trailers. No more than 50% of the risk should consist of forklifts, trailers or goods carrying vehicles over 18t.

    We can cover goods carrying vehicles up to 44t.

    RSA are not looking to cover minibuses, coaches, mini-buses, motorcycles and non-standard vehicles such as ice cream vans, fire trucks or vehicles with modifications to be used as plant or machinery.

  • We have a wide trade acceptance which is in line with the market. The Mini-Fleet product will Accept, Refer, or Decline dependant on what is input and our appetite for that type of risk.

    We will not write risks which include any element of hire and reward, including (but not limited to) Haulage, Courier, Self-Drive Hire and Public or Private Hire trades. We also don’t have an appetite for Recycling or Waste Disposal, Entertainment/Media trades, Blue Light risks, Hot Food Delivery or any case with airside exposure.

  • Mini Fleet can quote 2 – 15 vehicles at new business, and up to 20 at MTA. We can also accept a reduction to 1 vehicle at MTA if this is temporary.

    Please note that we cannot accommodate more than 20 vehicles, therefore you should be aware of the impact to your Customers policy if the fleet size breaches this limit. You can discuss this further with us by contacting RSA via webchat or where not possible, by using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

  • If no Claims experience is provided our rating assumes that no experience is available and will assume this is a new business venture. For Claim free periods you should enter 0 for the number of claims.

    Please note that RSA are not currently in the market for any fleets with more than 3 vehicles which do not have a previous claims experience or history.

  • Yes, select the predominant previous rating method at policy level and alter this for any vehicles with a different previous rating method. You will also be required to enter claims experience for all vehicles not just those previously experience rated.

    • When inputting the claims experience from a previous NCD rated Policy, please ensure that it is the vehicle years that is captured and not the NCD level
    • NCD proof will need to be obtained and retained by you to keep on file for audit purposes
    • For previously Fleet Rated risks, we will ask for claims experience to be sent to us within 21 days of the Policy being incepted.
  • When adding a newly purchased vehicle you should select ‘Not Previously Insured’ as that vehicle's Previous Rating Method. This can be used for all newly purchased vehicles at New Business, MTA & Renewal and allows us to provide a rate based on the claims experience of the customer’s other vehicles.

  • If you are performing a Change of Vehicle you should override the information stored for the deleted vehicle to that of the newer vehicle. This ensures the current discounts and fleet experience allocated to that vehicle remain the same.

  • If there are no material changes to the risk or vehicle, other than the registration amendment, then there shouldn’t be an Additional Premium. Please contact us via Live Chat to discuss.

  • We use the overnight postcode allocated to each vehicle for our rating, or if this isn’t available then we use the Business Postcode.

  • Changes can be made to policy details in real time using your software house or RSA Online which removes the need for blanket certificates. Cover notes can be issued if a customer requires changes and you are unable to make them online at the time.

  • Yes, we will but only for drivers over 19 years of age. For the majority of vehicles we allow cover for drivers under 25 as long as they are specified (please see vehicle/ driver eligibility for further info).  This means their details have to be added to the policy as though they were a named driver. This gives us a better idea of the risk we're quoting for and allows us to price accordingly - using specified younger drivers enables us to quote more competitively.

  • We do not provide Any Driver cover without an age restriction on Mini Fleet for all vehicle types.

    Our standard driving restrictions are shown below; however this can vary depending on the Make and Value of a particular vehicle.

    Vehicle Type

    Fleet Size

    Driving Restriction Available

    Van, Truck,Special Type

    3 or less

    Named Drivers



    Any Driver over 25 (with the ability to name Young Drivers)



    Any Driver over 30

    Van, Truck,Special Type

    4 or more

    Named Drivers



    Any Driver over 21 (with the ability to name one Young Driver)



    Any Driver over 25 (with the ability to name Young Drivers)



    Any Driver over 30


    Car Grouping

    Fleet size

    Minimum Driving Restriction Available

    1 to 35

    3 or less

    Named Drivers or Any Driver over 25

    36 to 44


    Named Drivers over 25, or Any Driver over 25

    45 to 50


    Named Drivers over 30, or Any Drver over 30

    1 to 35

    4 or more

    Named Drivers or Any Driver over 21

    36 to 44


    Named Drivers or Any Driver over 21

    45 to 50


    Named Drivers over 25, or Any Drver over 30

  • You should process all Mid-Term changes to your Mini Fleet policies online. Please refer to the Processes & Renewals sections for further information.

  • Provided there have been no material changes to the risk or our exposure, there shouldn’t be an additional premium. Please contact us via Live Chat to discuss.

  • You can send us a query via the ‘Contact Us’ facility on RSA Online or contact us via Webchat, phone or email.

  • No, we always quote our most competitive premium and there is no movement available.

  • No, we apply our Renewal Rate based on the policies performance with RSA, and there is no movement in our price.

  • Please proceed with the quoted premium. We perform rigorous testing on our rates and so we are confident they are correct.

  • Unfortunately if the system is showing a Decline, for New Business, Mid Term Alterations and Renewals, this cannot be amended. Please check you have entered all of the correct information.

  • There are various product rules which require SME to review the policy. Please check the rating notes, and that all information is correct, and speak to RSA if unresolved.

Other queries

  • The Mini-Fleet Policy now provides Cover in all EU Member Countries plus agreed Extended EU Countries as shown below:

    Mini Fleet policies automatically provide fully policy cover in Zones 1 and 2 (EU and extended countries)

    Zone 1 EU countries




    Czech Republic

















    United Kingdom

    Zone 2 Extended EU countries (previously known as Supplementary Agreement countries)







    If you require cover in a zone 3 country (below), you can select annual foreign use cover which can be added at Inception or Renewal, and also taken out Mid-Term.

    Zone 3 Countries not in zones 1 & 2 that are members of the Green Card system (but excluding Belarus, Iran, Israel, Morocco, Russia, Tunisia and Ukraine)  


    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)


    Serbia and Montenegro


    We can also offer cover for Zone 3 on a temporary basis, charged at a flat rate dependant on the amount of days travelling, and the type of vehicle being used. Please see below:

    Cars and Vans

    Number of days

    Zone 3














    Number of days

    Zone 3













    All Requests to add temporary cover within Zone 3 should be referred into RSA. In such cases please contact RSA via Webchat, or where not possible by using the contact details below

    Please note any request to include Foreign Use Cover in any Country other than those specified above, will be declined.

  • For eligibility, we look at the last 5 years Claims Experience. If there is less than this then please use all available years. Claims Experience can be a combination of fleet experience and NCD.

    Claims experience for NCD rated years will need to be reflected in the vehicle years in accordance to how many vehicles were insured by the policyholder at the start of that year. 

    If in any doubt regarding the Claims Experience please refer to RSA prior to placing the risk on cover.

    Please note that RSA are not currently in the market for Mini Fleet quotations for more than 3 vehicles with no previous claims experience or history.

    Verified Claims Experience will need to be sent in if the risk was previously Claims Experience rated at New Business. If the risk was NCD rated then the proof will need to be obtained and kept for audit in house. There is no need to send NCD proof to RSA for Mini Fleet cases.

    If the risk is a mixture of NCD and Claims Experience then please specify the NCD years on the verified claims experience when sending it in.  We will not ask for NCD to be sent in for this scenario, again retain for audit purposes.

    Claims Experience will be requested 7 days after inception date, and must be sent on within 21 days of cover being issued This can be emailed to the team using email address

    Large Losses

    We will also take details of Large Losses (individual claims over a certain amount, usually £10,000 or £12,000 depending on the platform used).  We capture these so we can cap their impact on the overall claims experience part of the premium we generate.

    We also apply rules based on the total number of large losses.  Generally, any more than 1 loss over 75K will trigger a Decline and more than 2 over 25K will trigger a referral, though these rules are relaxed on larger fleets. 

  • This is a basic guide for you to be able to check if certain convictions are eligible at New Business. Anything that refers will be looked at by a RSA contact.

    For 2-3 Vehicle Risks on Acturis/RSA Online you will require to disclose all convictions for all drivers

    For 4+ Vehicle Risks on Acturis/RSA Online you will require to disclose potentially serious convictions. The full high level list is as follows:

    • Causing death by reckless driving
    • Driving under influence of drink/drugs
    • Driving while disqualified, without insurance or with an invalid licence
    • Driving without insurance
    • Manslaughter
    • Reckless driving
    • Failing to report an accident / failing to provide information
    • Suspension through 'totting up'
    • Suspension from any offence

    All non-motoring convictions and any material facts relating to insolvency, CCJ’s, bankruptcy, imprisonment etc will need to be referred in to RSA.

  • Full UK and EU licence are acceptable at New Business, MTA & Renewal.

    Provisional UK and International licences will decline at New Business due to the reduced driving skill level, lack of experience and / or familiarity of UK driving conditions

  • Drivers under 19:

    Drivers under the age of 19 will Decline at New Business.

    Drivers over 74:

    Drivers over 74 will refer at New Business, MTA and Renewal.

  • Eligible vehicle types are Cars, Goods Carrying Vehicles (Vans and Trucks) and Road Registered Forklifts.

    Ineligible Vehicles include coaches, mini-buses, motorcycles and non-standard vehicles such as ice cream vans, fire engines, etc.

    Listed below are some common underwriting queries regarding vehicle eligibility:

    • Our maximum number of seats (including the driver) for Vans is 7.
    • We do not offer insurance for Grey Imports /Japanese Imports
    • Horseboxes cannot be added as a trailer and they will be declined added to the policy. These are not eligible for our Mini Fleet contract
    • Double Cab Pick Ups will decline when adding a driver under 25 to them.
    • We can offer Third Party Fire & Theft cover on Cars & Vans below £5,000 and Trucks below £10,000, if they are more than three years old.
    • Third Party Only cover is available for forklifts only.
    • If you are unable to find a brand new vehicle using vehicle look up please call your RSA contact. It may not have been added to the vehicle file or be listed differently.
    • We rate all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes by GVW.
    • Performance enhancing modifications are unacceptable and will decline.

    Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

    We can accept both fully electric and hybrid vehicles within the MiniFleet product and these are usually subject to the standard terms and considerations of the Policy.

    There are still a small number of these vehicles which are ineligible to be included, specific examples include TESLA Vehicles and BMW I8’s, or Vehicles which are declined as they have either been discontinued or are manufactured abroad.

  • Temporary Additional Vehicles

    There should always be insurable interest present when Temporary Additional Vehicle (TAV) cover is required, typically where the vehicle is owned by the policyholder or a leasing/hire company.

    You can add temporary vehicles yourself using your software house or RSA Online.

    To add a temporary vehicle you will need to indicate that a vehicle is temporary by answering the question ‘Is this a temporary vehicle?’ with ‘Yes’ and adding both a Start Date and an End Date to the vehicle.

    The TAV will rate automatically and the customer will be charged a short term flat rate. A short term certificate will also be generated and the schedule will display details of the temporary vehicle.

    The following rules apply to Temporary Additional Vehicles:

    • A TAV can only be added Mid Term.
    • A TAV cannot overlap a renewal and must be prior to renewal date.
    • A TAV cannot be added with a start date more than 30 days in advance
    • TAVs cannot be backdated
    • Maximum length that a TAV can be added for is 60 days
    • All other standard vehicle eligibility rules apply to TAVs as usual

    Please note that temporary vehicles are not removed automatically from the policy record even when cover is expired, and therefore you will be required to remove any temporary vehicles prior to renewal to ensure that the renewal generates

    Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate Temporary Additional Drivers. If they are required they will need to be added permanently and then removed. A time on risk charge will apply.


    Cancellations are processed by RSA and if you require to cancel a Policy mid-term, a full refund of premium will be given for any unexpired period of cover. Please regain the Certificates of Insurance from the Customer

    The Cancellation Condition appears on page 30 of the policy wording as follows:

    Cancelling Your Policy

    You may cancel this Policy by giving us written instructions. If you cancel this Policy we will give you a full refund of premium for any unexpired period of cover when we receive your instruction and any Certificate of Insurance which has been issued will no longer be valid.

    We may cancel this Policy and if we do we will:

    1. Write to you at your last known address (and in the case of Northern Ireland to the Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland) confirming that all cover will cease 14 days after the date of our letter.
    2. Give you a refund of premium for the unexpired period of cover.

    For further information, and more details on cancelling instalment plans please see the Policy Wording.

  • Renewals are generated 35 days prior to renewal date.

    RSA Online renewals are set to automatic renewal and will renew a day prior to the renewal date.

    Software House renewals are dependent on individual set up so these may be automatic or may need to be renewed manually – please make sure that you are aware of how this will work for your individual arrangement.

    Most platforms will have the claims experience automatically updated including any claims that have occurred, with the exception of Acturis RPD which will require you to enter this information based on confirmed claims experience that we will issue to you.   

    All renewal documents will generate along with a claims experience form in pdf format.

    Renewal quotes can be edited to alter the risk if/ as and when required.

    Any queries or questions in relation to renewals please contact RSA. 

  • RSA Claims Online is a secure on-line service that allows you to track the progress of your customers claims The online service will instantly reflect changes and updates to a claim’s status, allowing you to easily monitor the progress of a claim.

    Claims Online shows details of the claim, together with key events as they occur, including registration, payment, estimate changes, appointments, correspondence, recoveries and closure of claim.

    Key benefits

    • 24 hours availability
    • Claims updated in real time
    • Reduce the number of calls you have to make
    • In-depth details of claims status
    • Secure Service
    • You has the ability to add/edit users within their organisation

    Broker registrations

    If you need to be activated and wish to obtain User IDs and passwords please send the below information to

    • Name
    • Contact details
    • RSA agency number 

    Existing users

    If you are an existing user of RSA Claims online please click here to login.

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