We have recently announced our decision to no longer offer new business quotes or renewal invitations for our eComputers product, with effect from 1st January 2021. 

Any existing policies which renew and have effective dates prior to the 1st January 2021 will be placed into run off until they expire.

Simple solution, extensive cover

Our Computer Insurance policy provides a simple solution with extensive computer equipment cover for virtually any trade or occupation.
Equipment covered includes:

  • Desktop PCs and laptops
  • Tablets, smartphones, mobile phones, digital cameras, PDAs, palm tops and removable sat nav devices
  • Audio and visual equipment, digital projectors, TVs and visual display units as well as other electronic media presentation equipment
  • EPOS (electronic point of sale) equipment, computerised telephone systems, electronic access equipment

What we cover

  • Damage – to static and portable computer equipment worldwide
  • Additional expenditure – including reinstatement of data and increased cost of working
  • Virus and hacking cover – in respect of loss or damage to computer hardware
  • Full theft cover – on computer equipment without forcible violent entry or exit
  • Residual breakdown cover – on all other computer equipment
  • Business interruption cover – can also be included, written on a loss of revenue or gross profit basis

Important notice: this policy has been updated to exclude cover for Covid-19. Click here to learn more.

Excellent service, fast response

Telephone Magenta

Dedicated phone lines

It’s always easy to get in touch with us when you need.

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24-hour response

Quotation enquiries receive a response within 24 hours.

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Bespoke solutions

Our expertise means we can tailor cover to suit the specific needs of each business.

A fast, effective claims service

Get a fast response

With a notification within three hours, and an action plan within 48 hours, we put next steps and agreed progress updates in place, fast.

Stay involved

We work closely with you throughout the life of a claim. We ensure claims handling is tailored appropriately at all stages.

Know who to talk to

One person manages your claim from start to finish – so they know exactly what’s going on, and you know who to call.

Get it settled

We always focus on settling claims as quickly and fairly as possible.

Claims information for construction, engineering and renewables

Fast and efficient claims handling when you need it most – for the construction, engineering and renewable energy sector.

    • Fast, efficient service and impartial advice to agree the best course of action for each claim.
    • Face-to-face, on-site assessments carried out by specialist construction adjusters.
    • Our LAS team has instant access to RSA underwriting teams and policy details, enabling them to make quick claim decisions and authorise prompt claims payments to customers to help with cash flow for their business.


    • Claims above a certain size and complexity need a different, often project managed approach, so our large and major loss claims handling team is made up of our most experienced claims specialists.
    • The team have the skills to manage major events and protect your customers’ financial and reputational interests. 
    • We work with you and your customers to plan for serious losses with potential high impact to their business.
    • Our technical claims specialists will consider a potential high impact loss scenario, discuss how the policy may respond in the situation, what action we as an insurer may take, and if necessary what risk controls could be taken to prevent the incident ever taking place.

Case study

Find out how our Computer Insurance policy can provide full theft cover, even without forcible violent entry or exit.

  • A media company using shared offices in the town centre suffered an overnight break-in. During the time that the overnight security guard on-site took a 30-minute break, a masked gang entered the unlocked premises and proceeded to remove high value IT equipment and servers – all captured on CCTV.

    The client had no specific computer insurance and relied on property insurances to cover its various state-of-the-art IT and electronic equipment. Although the client's property policy contained standard theft clauses regarding security, these had not been adhered to. Therefore, the claim for theft of equipment was turned down. The client was left with substantial replacement costs as well as un-quantified increased costs of working.

    A Computer Insurance policy through RSA would have responded on the loss of equipment, which totalled over £30,000, plus the further costs to get the office up and running again. The company would have also had just cause to pursue the security firm for their loss – which would have been undertaken by RSA on their behalf.

Business appetite

  • Examples we target and are most competitive in include:

    • Standard office-based risks
    • Offices attached to factories or manufacturing units
    • Multi-tenanted risks
    • Solicitors
    • Warehouse risks
    • Scientific research establishments
    • High proportion of laptops and portable equipment

Contact us for a quote

To find out more and get a quote, speak to our underwriting specialist in your region. They’ll be more than happy to answer any questions and can provide you with fast decisions.

Richard Hampson

Underwriting Leader, South

T 07768 143 084 richard.z.hampson@uk.rsagroup.com

Iain Geekie

Underwriting Leader, North

T 07771 975 081 iain.geekie@uk.rsagroup.com

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