Research shows that 75% of people prefer to use Live Chat to any other support channel and we have seen a positive response to our service as people adapt to the challenges of 2020. Stephen McClure leads the team responsible for operating Live Chat at RSA. Since May his team has handled over 26,000 conversations with brokers. We’ve seen a success rate of 95% to answer a chat, with an average handle time of 10 minutes to solve a query, allowing brokers to feel confident and supported that we’re just a click away. Stephen says, “The main advantage for brokers is that within a couple of clicks they can be talking directly to one of our underwriters. This means they can discuss their query straight away rather than having to wait on calls being answered or an email response. We’ve found that as more and more brokers use it, they really like it.”

Faster trading

A query lodged on Live Chat is answered on average in just 15 seconds, with most enquiries resolved at the first contact. From initial point of contact, your handler will look to find a solution to your enquiry allowing you to carry on with other tasks. If the enquiry becomes more complex, we can arrange to give you a call at your convenience.

Michael McKenna, one of the advisors on hand to help says, “We have found the increased use of the service, instead of the phone, has helped us become more efficient. Brokers get what they need much faster than when they used to call. Those using Live Chat for the first time assume they will speak to a general handler, but they soon realise that they’re dealing with an experienced underwriter who is happy to help.”

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How to use Live Chat

Live Chat is available through RSA Online and Acturis version 7 for e-traded Business Combined, Office, Pubs, Restaurants and Hotels, Properties, Shops, Tradespeople and Homeworkers, Mini Fleet, Business Car and Van, Directors and Officers and Professional Indemnity.

Don’t be disheartened if you see ‘agents are busy’ on the Live Chat tab on the homepage. To access you need to start a quote or log into an existing policy on one of the products mentioned above. Our underwriters will be there waiting to answer your queries and help you find what you’re looking for.

Dedicated to service

We’re always listening to brokers’ feedback and investing in new ways to develop our services. Our website has been redesigned so finding information you need is now quicker and more accessible. The product pages have been completely re-worked and contacting us has never been easier. In addition, there are new features on the site including an industry news and insights section where you’ll find useful advice to help you and your customers.

Our plan is to continually invest in our online service and tools, to make it easier to get in touch with us and to get brokers what they need, when they need it. We are also working to reduce the number of referrals you experience, bring clarity to our products and work with you to win new business. Our model may not be perfect, but we are committed to developing for the future.

Where to go for support

You can find more technical information on our dedicated webpage.


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