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Help and advice when you need it most, worldwide

When our customers travel or work abroad, we want to ensure that they have first-class assistance for all their urgent medical needs, no matter what time it is in the UK.

Through our long-term partnership with medical and security assistance provider, Healix International, we can manage Accident & Health claims and offer support outside UK business hours.

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Here for you 24/7/365

No matter where you are travelling in the world, Healix are available via our dedicated 24/7/365 RSA Assistance Line and through our RSA travel assistance app.

Integrated seamlessly into our claims management process, Healix guarantees an efficient handover of information to our claims teams, ensuring that you get the best service and rapid support when you need it most.

The RSA difference

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Effective case management

End-to-end medical and security case management combined in the same system to enhance efficiency and minimise duplication.

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24/7 support

24/7/365 expert support and response in emergencies, managed from our UK operation centre.

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Team of experts

Fully integrated, multilingual team of medical and security experts available round the clock.

Download the app before you travel

The ultimate travel safety companion, the RSA Travel Assistance App provides you with up-to-date travel information and advice and real time alerts on breaking news globally. Download the RSA travel app for guidance and contact information in the event of a medical or security situation while travelling abroad.

The app includes:

  • An assistance call button – to put you in touch with our 24/7 Operation Centre, wherever you are in the world.
  • Quick access – to your RSA Worldwide Medical & Security Assistance policy details, including summary information on your cover.
  • Video training and education – to provide you with information to help make travel safer.
  • Non-emergency contact info – ways to contact us in a non-emergency situation.
  • Global alerts and country risk profiles – from around the world, with all the key information on the latest problems and what to watch out for.

The app is available on Android and iOS, tap the links to download.

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Create your Healix account in three simple steps

To gain access to the web portal, all you need to do is create an account.

  1. Complete Registration Form to create an account
  2. Enter RSA access code RSA1531522
  3. Click “Register"

Case study: Iraq Covid Evacuation

  • An Employee of our Insured had recently returned to Baghdad. He reported abdominal symptoms and was initially treated with medication. The following day he developed respiratory symptoms, breathing difficulties, sore throat, fever, slight photophobia and lethargy. The patient had been in isolation in his room for the past 2 weeks but had shown no improvement, Covid-19 was suspected.

  • In the following 2 days his symptoms worsened and a local medical team were concerned he would deteriorate without specialist investigation and management. They also suspected an underlying condition. Due to the security situation in Iraq it was extremely dangerous to transfer patients to a local hospital.

  • The patient began to experience respiratory distress and had to be taken to the American Military Hospital in Baghdad. Due to his severe and precarious medical condition, he needed to be moved via air ambulance with a biological containment unit to a suitable centre of excellence without further delay.  

  • We worked with Healix to:

    • Establish aircraft availability with one of Healix’s trusted air ambulance partners, which had an international standard and patient biological transfer containment unit. This did mean that the medical crew on the aircraft would not be able to fully resuscitate in the event of cardiac arrest. Healix had to explain that to the next of kin on order that she could give informed consent.
    • Liaise with Iraqi health authorities to allow the patient to leave.
    • Liaise with the UK health authorities to allow the patient to be repatriated.
    • Arrange a UK hospital bed at a specialist Covid-19 medical facility.
    • Obtain flight and over flight clearance for the air ambulance aircraft.
    • Arrange specialist road ambulance vehicles in Iraq and the UK to transport the patient to and from the airports.
    • Repatriate the patient successfully to the UK

Downloads and documents

View and download Business Travel insurance policies here.

Business appetite

  • Examples we target and are at our most competitive include:

    • News and Media
    • Manufacturing
    • Oil gas and mineral exploration
    • Utility companies
    • Retail and Distribution
    • Professional and Office risks

Speak to our team

For more information and to get a quote, speak to one of our underwriters in your region. They’ll be more than happy to answer any questions and can provide you with fast decisions.

Dal Nijjar

Lead Trading Underwriter, Midlands

DD 0121 600 1261

Jack Hinton

Trading Underwriter, London

DD 0203 699 5104

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