Risk Consulting

Helping businesses be safer, stronger, and more resilient.

At RSA, we provide risk management support and services to our customers with businesses of any size. Our expertise spans across:

  • Property and real estate
  • Employers liability (casualty)
  • Liability
  • Commercial motor
  • Marine
  • Business interruption specialist areas

Construction worker on balcony of housing
Woman operating construction vehicle

What we do

Our customers and their businesses are at the heart of what we do. We'll help you to identify, understand and manage your insured risk. Helping to mitigate and reduce the potential severity and frequency of claims.

We take a flexible approach that's cost effective and with minimal disruption. And, as we can service most countries around the world, international businesses can gain access to dedicated risk engineers and risk control specialists local to them. They'll provide support whenever and wherever it’s needed.

We support all sizes of business

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

We tailor our support to match your business needs. Whether that’s a quick phone call from one of our specialists, an online self-assessment, or working face-to-face with you on site.

Large corporations and international companies

If your business has complex operations, we can put a defined service team at your disposal, integrated with our underwriting and claims teams. You can expect a familiar, consistent experience while complying with local regulations.

How we stand out

We go above and beyond to provide a top-end Risk Consulting service to you, our customers.

  • Approximately 3,000 site risk consulting/engineering surveys carried out annually
  • 50+ countries visited every year
  • 500+ years of cumulative risk engineering experience across our teams

Our Risk Consulting process

Analyse and evaluate

We’ll gather information on all aspects of your existing arrangements and programmes to systematically identify trends and assess your risks.


A process of internal consultation will follow, to determine what changes or improvements can be made to prevent losses and minimise business interruption.

Report and recommend

We’ll give you a clear view of your exposures and practical, cost-effective and, most importantly, actionable risk improvements.


We will collaboratively implement solutions through the most appropriate combination of technical capabilities and services. This may include workshops, seminars, training, change management programmes or continuity planning.


We will monitor the impact of the implementation phase, gathering intelligence that can feed into a cycle of continuous improvement.

Protecting what matters most

We offer risk consultancy across a wide range of our products.

Office building shot


From residential property to hospitality and risks out of your control (for example weather and escape of water). We can help you avoid business disruption by mitigating risk for your properties and real estate.

People looking at a computer screen with data servers


Health and safety risk management should help support your business. From the equipment stored in your premises, to occupational health and general health and safety guidance.

Man securing transport vehicle

Motor fleet

From storing vehicles to car parks and lithium battery usage, protecting your motor fleet can help prevent business disruption.

Young people interacting in an office

Business continuity

Unforeseen events can affect your business in many ways. Having a plan in place, including an emergency response, can ensure business continuity.

Aerial shot of cargo containers

Marine cargo and supply chain

From ships to the cargo on-board, from warehouse to worker, our whole strategy helps your business be more resilient.

Construction workers hands wearing gloves


From site closures and health and safety, to events beyond your control such as water damage. Avoid business disruption with a clear risk management plan.

Popular guides and documents

Know what you're looking for? Jump straight into one of our most-used guides or forms. You can find other guides and documents on the individual risk pages above.

Fire safety inspections

This risk-control guide and checklist takes you through everything to consider when you're thinking about fire safety in your business.

Escape of water

A risk-guide specifically for property owners on the biggest risks for escape of water.

Health and safety management

An in-depth risk-control guide focusing on health and safety in the workplace, as well as an inspection checklist template, and how to report claims.