Dividend information

The preference shares receive a fixed dividend twice a year. See our dividends calendar for relevant dates and the listing particulars setting out terms on which the shares were placed.

Unless you instruct us otherwise, your dividends will be paid to you by cheque. Please bear in mind that you may not receive the cheque on the payment date. If you prefer to have the dividend paid directly into your bank or building society account, contact Equiniti.

Scrip dividend scheme

RSA renewed its authority to offer a Scrip Dividend Scheme to shareholders at the 2014 AGM. The Company will not be offering a Scrip Dividend alternative in respect of the final 2017 Ordinary dividend.

The Scrip Dividend Scheme terms and conditions were updated in May 2016, download them as a PDF (385KB).

Shareholders with a scrip dividend mandate in place need take no further action as your mandate remains effective until notified to the Registrar in writing. For dividends where a scrip alternative is offered, shareholders wishing to receive a scrip dividend instead of a cash dividend should contact Equiniti.

Capital gains tax

The market value at 31 March 1982 of each post consolidation ordinary share of 27.5p in the Company, for capital gains tax purposes after relevant adjustments, was 146.41p (25 shares 133.1p) for former Royal Insurance shareholders and 57.97p (25 shares 52.7p) for former Sun Alliance shareholders.

An adjustment to tax cost is required to take account of the 2003 rights issue, according to whether the rights were taken up or sold.

Similarly, for former Royal Insurance shareholders an adjustment to tax cost is required to take account of the 1993 rights issue, according to whether the rights were taken up or sold.

Shareholders holding shares in an ISA or PEP are not able to reclaim tax credits in relation to cash distributions paid on or after 6 April 2004. Shareholders should be aware of this in deciding whether to participate in the Company’s Scrip Dividend Schemes.

Changes to the Capital Gains Tax rules were introduced in April 2008. Any shareholder who is in doubt as to whether they were affected by these changes should seek appropriate tax advice.

Dividend payments

Information on historical dividend payments by the Company in relation to the ordinary shares.

Important notes for shareholders

  • Following resolution at the AGM held on 9 May 2014, a share sub-division and consolidation became effective on 12 December 2014. This resulted in a 5:1 consolidation of the company's ordinary shares.
  • No dividend was paid at full year 2013 and interim 2014.
  • No dividend was paid at full year 2019.
  • The Scrip dividend alternative was last offered on the 2014 interim dividend.

* Provisional dates