Group personal accident and business travel insurance

Cover for organisations and their employees.

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What is group personal accident and business travel insurance?

Our group personal accident and business travel insurance can make it simple to provide comprehensive cover in a single policy. It's designed to give organisations and their employees reassuring protection.

We help organisations fulfil their duty of care - protecting people, assets and operations across the world. At the same time, our cover gives employees valuable extras that may help enhance their emotional and physical wellbeing, at home and abroad.

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What's included in a policy?

  • Death from natural causes
  • Crisis Management
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Tailored solutions, expertly applied

We lead with our people and experience to build trusted relationships with you and your customers. You can rely on us to understand their business, and deliver the technical expertise they need.

A claims team you can rely on

Our in-house claims team aim to provide a fast and efficient claims service to help your clients get back on track as quickly as possible. Our team is based in the UK and customers can call their claims handler directly.

Open to a wide range of business

We have a broad appetite for risk, from mid-market business to large multinationals. This makes it easier to place a wider range of business with us. Our appetite guides contain in-depth information into the risks we cover.

Target customers

Most professions, trades and industries can be considered, including:

  • Charities
  • News and media
  • Professional and amateur sports
  • Affinity risks

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Security and medical support across the world

Medical emergency, lost travel documents, natural disaster or terrorist incident. Organisations can't predict what might happen when employees travel or work abroad.

That's why we aim to help by having the right people on their side with Healix - our medical and security assistance provider.

Healthcare and risk experts are available 24/7 to manage any situation, provide support for employees and, if necessary, evacuate them.

With Healix’s 'follow the sun' model, you can reach them 24/7/365 from Global Operational Centres. Backed by an extensive and credentialed international healthcare provider network, they leverage skills, relationships, and initiative to deliver the most appropriate treatment quickly and cost-efficiently, all without compromising on quality.

Medical and travel assistance

Employees have the reassurance they'll be looked after in the event of an accident or illness. With a global network of hospitals and clinics, Healix can choose the most appropriate nearby facility. They can also settle bills directly, providing cost containment for the organisation without compromising quality of care.

Emergency medical assistance

  • Medical monitoring, case management and independent medical opinions
  • Guarantee of payments
  • Evacuation and repatriation
  • Repatriation of mortal remains

Non-emergency assistance

  • General health information
  • Drug information
  • 24/7 helpline for advice and support
  • Outpatient and inpatient referrals, and guarantee of payments

Travel assistance services

  • Travel, documents and baggage assistance
  • Emergency document delivery and hotel arrangements
  • Legal referrals
  • Arrangement of interpreters
  • Emergency cash advance
  • Meet and greet, if travelling to a high-risk location
  • Vehicle rental return

Security assistance

Healix's global security operations centre actively monitors volatile areas, and provides informed advice. In the event of social unrest, terrorist incidents or cases of arrest or detention, they quickly coordinate action plans to ensure safety.

Rapid assistance during a crisis

Around-the-clock access to emergency security assistance and advice. This is delivered by a specialist team of regional experts.


Healix makes all the necessary arrangements for the employee to be moved to a safe haven. They'll also settle all bills directly.

Mayday contact monitoring

Healix is alerted to an employees' request for assistance via the RSA business travel app.

Case studies

Read through some Healix case studies, from previous real-life events. Both showcase how Healix assisted with overseas emergencies.

Healix case study - Hong Kong - 73KB

An expatriate with conflicting medical advice.

Healix case study - Afghanistan - 73KB

Coordinating an escape from Kabul.

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Health and wellbeing services when employees need them most

With our cover, Right Time Health, UK-based employees have access to life-changing health and wellbeing services:

Best of all, these benefits are available to employees and their immediate family every day. It's not only reassuring and convenient, it can be lifesaving.

GP consultations

Employees have access to a GP through a phone or video call, from anywhere in the world. The GP can help with a wide range of conditions, taking time to listen and offering advice for physical or emotional health needs.

There are no limits on how many GP appointments an employee can make, helping them get the care they need, wherever they need it.


  • E-prescription service - delivery to a pharmacy, home or work
  • Easy referrals
  • Sick notes available if clinically appropriate

Second medical opinion

We give employees access to specialists, family doctors, paediatricians and more, from the comfort of their own home.

This can be invaluable when an employee is dealing with a complex condition or struggling to obtain a diagnosis. They'll have access to the dedicated support of a Personal GP Case Manager throughout the process.


  • Access to 50,000+ experts
  • 450+ specialists and sub-specialties of medicine
  • Support with planned operations, chronic ailments, diagnosis or proposed treatment plans
  • Make informed decisions with confidence

Second medical opinion FAQs - PDF - 105KB

Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions on Right Time Health's second medical opinion.

myStrength wellbeing app

myStrength empower employees to take control of their emotional and physical wellbeing.

This app provides in-the-moment coping tools for emotional challenges, and lets the user create a tailored plan.


  • Support to help improve mood, deal with anxious thoughts, handle stress, improve sleep, navigate early-parenting and more
  • 24/7 access online or via the mobile app
  • Hundreds of evidence-based activities, articles and videos
  • Integrated chat support with a myStrength guide

Right Time Health verification process - PDF - 1.3MB

Find out how the ID verification process works for the Right Time Health app.

RSA business travel app for employees

The RSA business travel app helps employees feel prepared for trips. It helps to plan ahead with key security information and keeps them connected with safety alerts. There's a lot the app can do, such as:

  • Activate an emergency 'Mayday' function in a crisis
  • Get instant access to medical and risk information
  • Manage a country watch list to receive alerts for specific destinations
  • Duty of care - access advice to travel security e-learning modules for duty of care
  • Securely store key documents such as passport, insurance and travel visas
  • Submit a travel claim or proof of cover note to support travel when a visa is required
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    Healix travel health and security advice web portal

    This online resource gives organisations easy access to up-to-date travel information to help them plan ahead and manage risk. Detailed country dossiers cover topics including:

  • Medical and security risk ratings
  • Real-time travel alerts
  • Healthcare overviews
  • Vaccination requirements
  • Cover for death from natural causes

    Losing an employee while on business can have a significant impact on the organisation. Death from natural causes is included in our group personal accident and business travel insurance to help support the business through a difficult time.

    • Death of a director or employee between the ages of 16 to 64 (inclusive)
    • Available on external business trips
    • Rapid fixed payout of £50,000
    • Supports an organisation's duty of care

    Crisis management

    When something unexpected happens, it's reassuring to have a team of crisis and incident experts to call on. Crisis Management, powered by DWF Group, provide rapid response and long-term support to organisations. This helps to minimise the impact of an incident, and safeguard reputation.

    • 24/7 hotline
    • Experienced team of lawyers, PR specialists, investigators, and clinical psychologists
    • Service led by a Tier-1 ranked UK regulatory, compliance and investigations team

    Downloads and documents

    View and download policies, fact sheets and more.

    Group Personal Accident and Business Travel Policy Wording - PDF - 407KB

    Full policy wording, including the Schedule, Statement of Fact, Endorsements, Clauses and Certificates.

    Group Personal Accident and Business Travel Policy Notice to Policyholders - PDF - 243KB

    Changes to your Group Personal Accident and Business Travel Policy.

    Right Time Health FAQs - PDF - 105KB

    All the FAQs for the Teladoc Right Time Health app.

    Access to underwriting expertise

    For more information and to get a quote, speak to one of our underwriters in your region. They’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

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