ESG performance and disclosure

We are a purpose-driven company based on values and a belief that insurance is about people, not things. We believe that financial performance and helping society are equally important. We have integrated both into our strategic objectives which set the trajectory of our social impact and ESG performance across the entire business.

How we execute social impact and ESG dimensions is detailed throughout the annual Social Impact and ESG Report of our parent company, Intact, starting with the areas where we can have the greatest impact and that are aligned to our strategy.

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Social Impact and ESG Report

Read the latest Social Impact and ESG Report of our parent company, Intact, to learn more about our approach.
Download Intact's 2023 Social Impact and ESG Report

Social impact and ESG reporting

RSA has a long history of demonstrating its approach to key corporate responsibility (CR) matters through an annual reporting exercise. These document our performance against a range of global industry standards and frameworks including the UN Global Compact and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Further information can be found in RSA's Annual Report and Accounts.


Our policy statements and associated reports provide the framework in which we deliver against a range of ESG related issues.


As part of fulfilling our commitment to operating as a responsible business, we are pleased to publish the following strategies, commitments and report