Preference Shareholders

Our strategy is designed to maximise value for shareholders.

Ambition: Best in class

Our ambition for RSA is to create a business capable of supporting best-in-class performance levels in each of our key regions. We have simplified the business. We are also investing in the future and streamlining the cost base to build the foundations for attractive shareholder returns. Learn more about RSA's strategy for success.

If you wish to speak to someone regarding major shareholder notifications please email

Shareholder communications

Shareholders will receive information from us such as the Annual Report and Accounts and announcements relating to significant changes in the business of the Company. We will also post this information on this website.

Shareholders can elect to receive email notifications of shareholder communications, including the availability of key company documents such as the Annual Report and Accounts, by registering at where you can also set up a bank mandate to receive dividends directly to your bank account and submit proxy votes for shareholder meetings.

Shareholders who haven't registered with Equiniti Shareview for email alerts will receive written notification of the availability of the Annual Report and Accounts on the Company’s website, or a paper copy of the Annual Report and Accounts or Annual Review. Shareholders can elect to receive a hard copy of the document if preferred by contacting Equiniti—however, to reduce the impact on the environment, and to ensure you receive updates as quickly as possible, we encourage our shareholders to elect to receive shareholder documents electronically.

General Meetings

General meetings are convened to cover specific items. Should it be necessary to hold a General Meeting, shareholders will be given at least 14 days’ notice.