Supporting climate transition

We thrive in finding the intersections between helping society and winning in the marketplace. Our commitments are ambitious and collaborative, and they will help us drive concrete action.

Storm with lightning
Children loading up boot of electric vehicle


We aim to achieve net zero emissions overall by 2050, to align with the Paris Agreement, and to halve our operations emissions by 2030.

Our plan includes reduction initiatives such as electrifying our fleet of vehicles, increasing renewable energy use in company offices and reducing corporate travel.


We’re doubling down on helping people adapt to climate change.

The Intact Centre for Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo in Canada is our signature partnership on climate adaptation and, through applied research, it provides practical guidance to help people to adapt to floods, wildfires and extreme heat. In the UK we will initiate new partnerships to support community based climate adaptation and resilience programmes in 2023.


Opportunities exist for us to shape climate-friendly behaviours through our products and pricing and by raising climate change awareness:

  • Guide customers to prevent climate related losses and build back in a more climate-conscious way
  • Raise climate change awareness for customers and employees
  • Leverage our expertise through our Climate Modelling Centre of Excellence to enhance predictive models that will anticipate evolving climate-related impacts.
Installation of solar panels on roof


We’re playing an active role in de-risking existing and new industries that can make a difference in building a sustainable future:

  • Create and adapt products to help industries transition
  • Intact Investment Management is helping top emitters to reduce their impact
  • Target an underwriting portfolio that is at least 75% low carbon by 2030.


We collaborate with governments and industries to accelerate the most impactful climate solutions:

  • Working with our peers to help the financial services industry navigate the financial risks associated with climate change through the Climate Financial Risk Forum
  • Demonstrating our commitment to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (in particular on Clean Energy and Climate Action) as a participant in the UN Global Compact
  • Supporting thought leadership and insurance industry benchmarking on climate change performance through our membership of the UN Principles for Sustainable Insurance and ClimateWise.