Information about NIG and FarmWeb joining RSA

Last updated: 1 May 2024

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Summary of the deal

This transformational journey enables us to develop a Commercial Lines operation in the UK that is geared to outperform in terms of service, profitability and growth. 

It complements the existing distribution footprint of both companies, and provides a core platform to provide improved service and deliver better products to brokers and customers in the future. 

As a result, we’ll become the third largest Commercial Lines insurer in the UK with approximately 7% market share by annual GWP, with a combined ratio in the low 90s in the medium-term.

Principles of the integration

We will integrate in the best way that ensures service continuity and protects your business during the transfer, while prioritising speed of delivery. 

To achieve our program principles and to provide a good experience for you and your customers, we are using a ‘lift and shift’ approach, which means the first objective is to separate the NIG and FarmWeb broker business from Direct Line Group (DLG) and maintain products and systems as is. 

Our ambition in the near-term is to bring to you the 'best of both' so we’ll be merging our products, pricing, service, and value proposition into one. More information will follow on this later in 2024.

We are excited about the future; the opportunities it presents for our business, our customers and our colleagues, and we’re always keen to hear from you.  We’ll provide regular updates on the Q&A pages of both the RSA and NIG websites, so please do let us know your questions and any concerns so we can ensure you have the answers you need.