Apply to become an RSA broker

When we welcome brokers to the RSA family, we want to give them the best possible service and opportunities for growth. This means making sure every partnership is a strong match, and we do this through our application process.

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What to expect

There are 4 stages to becoming one of our brokers. The whole process can take up to 8 weeks, though it could be quicker depending on how quickly you respond to us. We’ll keep you updated by email throughout the process, so you always know what’s happening.

During the first 2 application stages, we undertake checks to discover if we can take your application forward. If you fall outside of our requirements, we will always let you know. We don’t believe it’s fair to proceed with an application if we can’t provide the service you deserve.

If you reach stage 3, we’re ready to welcome you to the RSA family. At stage 4, you’re ready to start growing your business with us.

Timescales for the application process

Stage 1 - Initial checks

Making our initial checks and letting you know whether we will be proceeding with your application will take 5-10 days.

Stage 2 – Complete and sign our agency application form

If you pass the initial checks, we’ll send you an agency application form. You’ll have 10 days to complete and return it to us.

If you miss this deadline, we’ll remind you.

Stage 3 – You sign our terms of business agreement

Once you’ve returned your form and we’ve reviewed it, we’ll send you our standard terms of business agreement via DocuSign within 10 working days.

You’ll have 7 days to sign and return it. Again, if you miss the deadline, we’ll remind you.

Stage 4 – You get your agency number

The final step (once we’ve received your signed TOBA) is to add you to our system which takes 5 days. This means you’re officially an RSA broker. We’ll send you your agency number so you can start writing business with us.

What RSA offers

Exceptional insurance products designed to meet specific needs

Knowledgeable people you can rely on when you have questions, as well as expert risk consultants to help businesses build resilience

Our in-house claims team is fast and responsive, so when you're due a claim, you get it as quickly as possible

A global network for insurance that spans the world

Interested in joining the RSA family?

Send us an email with your name, contact details and broker information, and we'll get back to you directly.