All the essentials, plus options

The Commercial Combined product is designed to flex to business needs. It includes compulsory property damage cover, with options to add business interruption and terrorism – plus a range of additional covers, depending on what the business needs.

Create the combined package you need

The product includes compulsory property damage cover. Add business interruption and terrorism if the business needs it, plus at least two further covers to make up the combined package:


  • Employers’ liability insurance
  • Public products insurance
  • Goods in transit insurance
  • Legal expenses
  • Computer insurance
  • Loss of liquor license
  • Machinery breakdown
  • Money
  • Deterioration of stock insurance
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Fidelity (employee and third-party fraud)

The best of RSA

Cogs Magenta

Deep expertise

We have more than 300 years of commercial property experience for all types and sizes of companies.

Checkbox Magenta

Bespoke solutions

Our expertise means we can tailor cover to suit the specific needs of each business.

Underwriting Magenta

Reliable, efficient claims

Our in-house claims team is fast and responsive – so when you’re due a claim, you get it as quickly as possible.

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Help when you need it

To make sure you get the best out of our service, our underwriting team is always happy to help.

Target customer

We designed this product with specific sectors and types of business in mind.

    • Retail
    • Wholesale and distribution
    • Office (turnover up to £100m)
    • Recreational and leisure
    • Manufacturing
    • Are UK companies with no overseas locations to be insured (for overseas locations, see Risk Managed Property)
      Have premises-based exposures with up to 20 UK locations (see Risk Managed Property for insurance to cover more the 20 premises)
      Have good risk management and claims experience
      Are committed to risk management and risk control, at owner or board level
      Can provide detailed submissions that help us understand the business to provide the best proposition
      Have a turnover between £5m and £50m

    If the business sits outside these criteria, we may have a more suitable solution – browse our products or get in touch for more.

  • This product is not designed for these types of business:

    • Turnover less than £1m should be traded through Business Combined
    • Recycling and waste
    • Businesses involving animal testing
    • Adult entertainment industry

Risk managed property

Global cover with pragmatic risk consultancy for businesses with more than 20 premises.

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Business Combined

e-Traded commercial insurance for businesses with turnover less than £1m, covering a wide range of SMEs.

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The right expert on your claim

Direct access to decision makers

A highly experienced team responds when things go wrong. For you, this means minimum disruption and getting things back on track quickly.

Dedicated loss adjusters

Our adjusters take ownership of any claim and deal directly with you to arrange visits and agree settlements.

Bespoke supply chain service

Customers get access to a large network of vetted suppliers who provide a range of property services at a competitive agreed schedule of rates.

Commercial property claims information

Get an overview of our claims service for commercial property.

    • We put you in touch with a tradesperson from our carefully selected panel.
    • You pay cost of any work done, but where damage is caused by an insured event you can submit cost as part of your claim.
    • If damage is significant, we put you in touch with our loss adjusting service.
    • We offer fast, efficient service and impartial advice to agree the best course of action for each claim.
    • Our office-based loss adjusters use video technology to deliver swift assessment and settlement of suitable losses (typically up to £10,000).
    • Our field-based commercial property adjusters carry out face-to-face, on-site assessments for higher value and complex losses.
    • Our LAS team has instant access to RSA Underwriting teams and policy details, enabling them to make quick claim decisions and authorise prompt claims payments to customers to help with cash flow for their business.
    • Claims above a certain size and complexity need a different, often project managed approach, so our large and major loss claims handling team is made up of our most experienced claims specialists.
    • The team have the skills to manage major events and protect your customers’ financial and reputational interests. 
    • We work with you and your customers to plan for serious losses with potential high impact to their business.
    • Our technical claims specialists will consider a potential high-impact loss scenario, discuss how the policy may respond in the situation, what action we as an insurer may take, and if necessary what risk controls could be taken to prevent the incident ever taking place. 
    • A comprehensive range of reliable service providers – from drainage experts to validation and replacement of content items.
    • This provides your customers with access to a large network of vetted suppliers who provide a range of property services at a competitive agreed schedule of rates.
    • We ensure suppliers meet our challenging service level targets, delivering for your customers by monitoring each claim using a unique web-based platform to track both progress and costs.

Downloads and documents

Find out more about the key features of our Commercial Combined policy.

Speak to our team

For more information and to get a quote, speak to one of our underwriters in your region. They’ll be more than happy to answer any questions and can provide you with fast decisions.

Chris Brian

Sales Manager, Midlands and West

Andy Bartley

Sales Manager, North West

T 07771 597 049

Laura Fox-McMenamin

Sales Manager, Scotland

DD 0141 282 8309

Jon Breitsprecher

Sales Manager, London and East Anglia

T 07921 883 649

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