Business Interruption – FCA test case

For information about the outcome of the FCA’s test case into how insurance policies respond to business interruption claims as a result of Covid-19 please visit this page.

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What is this type of insurance?

In the Scottish Court, if you have been appointed to act for an adult, either as guardian to the adult, intervener to the adult or judicial factor, then you are required by law to have this bond.

You cannot apply to us directly – we must be instructed by a firm of solicitors or an insurance broker. See the summary sheet for more information about what a bond covers.

Minimum premium and rates

Our minimum annual premium is £150. Our rates for guardianship and intervention order bonds start at:

  • £0.16% for professional guardians, such as solicitors
  • £0.2% for lay guardians, such as family members

Downloads and documents

Contact us to apply for a bond

You must be a solicitor or insurance broker to apply for this bond. Contact us to apply.

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