Industry know-how, tailored cover

Each corporate business faces a unique set of liability risks. Our expert industry knowledge and deep understanding of individual customer requirements help us provide only the cover a business needs.

We help you find just the right solution – working closely with businesses to understand the risks they face, and tailoring products to their specific needs.

Types of liability we can include

We offer the following lines of liability insurance:

  • Employers Liability – standalone and/or combined with Public & Products Liability. We are especially keen to write ‘reverse flow’ (compulsory EL cover for overseas parented businesses)
  • Public & Products Liability – including legionellosis and clean-up costs as standard
    Property Owners Liability
  • PCVA (Abuse) – on a claims-made basis
  • Excess of Loss Public Liability/Products
  • Crisis management extension – partnered with DWF
  • Environmental Impairment Liability – where we write the Public Liability

Managing risks, protecting businesses

Cogs Magenta

Bespoke solutions

Tailored to your needs, giving you only the cover you require.

Network Magenta

UK-wide expertise

A deep understanding of a wide range of sectors across the UK.

Handshake Magenta

Risk consultations

1-1 help to manage risks and find solutions for slips, trips and manual handling, plus IOSH Managing Safely courses.

People Group Magenta

Expert partners

A network of knowledgeable partners here to help you manage your business safely.

Business appetite

  • Examples we target and are at our most competitive in include:

    • Warehouse and wholesale
    • Food and drink manufacturing
    • Mechanical engineers, machine and tool manufacturing
    • Electronic products and office machinery
    • Electrical, plastic and textile manufacturing
    • Publishing and printing
    • Light assembly and manufacturing
    • Unusual risk opportunities


    We can offer particularly good deals for:

    • Lower footfall exposures
    • Businesses that can demonstrate a commitment to quality, safety and the environment with the associated industry accreditations
    • Premiums less than £75,000
  • Risks we don’t write – or write only rarely as a small part of a wider portfolio – include:

    • Tobacco and pharmaceutical
    • Tyre and mobile phone manufacturing
    • Asbestos exposure
    • Abortion and cosmetic clinics
    • Demolition and tunnelling risks

A fast, effective claims service

Get a fast response

With a notification within three hours, and an action plan within 48 hours, we put next steps and agreed progress updates in place, fast.

Stay involved

We work closely with you throughout the life of a claim. We ensure claims handling is tailored appropriately at all stages.

Know who to talk to

One person manages your claim from start to finish – so they know exactly what’s going on, and you know who to call.

Get it settled

We always focus on settling claims as quickly and fairly as possible.

Read how our expert investigations help reduce customer costs.

    • Detail-focused claims experts tracking medical records.
    • Using RSA technology to cross-reference claims.
    • Coordinating with other stakeholders to keep damages to a minimum.


    By combining expert knowledge with the right technology, RSA’s claims team was able to keep damages to a minimum for a liability customer held responsible for a scaffolding accident.

    We noticed medical reports from the injured party reported their condition significantly worsening over time, from minor injuries to persistent complications. Our experience of similar claims indicated that this warranted further investigation.

    We used our Cache Search to identify that the additional injuries were in fact the result of a new road accident, which the claimant was also claiming for separately. Our claims team were then able to settle the claim with an offer of £5,000 by working closely with medical experts and solicitors, significantly reducing the impact to our customer.

    We are leading the fight against industry-wide fraud, using innovative techniques and expertise to identify dishonest claims, reducing the costs for genuine claimants.

To find out more and get a quote, speak to one of our specialist underwriters in your region.

  • Gez McDonagh
    Liability Portfolio Leader

  • Stuart Duncan
    Lead Trader Motor and Liability

  • Leeds

    Jonny McKenna
    Senior Liability Underwriter


    Richard Prince
    Senior Trading Underwriter, Liability

  • Andy Pardoe
    Senior Trading Underwriter, Liability

  • Tom Palfrey
    Underwriting Leader

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