Worldwide Expertise

Multinational companies need a consistent, high quality, global approach to claims servicing with local market expertise. We can meet multinational claims servicing requirements, whether a company operates in a handful of countries or a hundred, through accurate reserving and settlement, and our robust understanding of local and international legal frameworks.

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Run globally, act locally

We believe that global claims are best handled in their country of origin, so our claims service is delivered locally by our established network of trusted claims agents and adjusters to agreed service standards.

All of our local offices, including RSA-owned offices and Network partners, have delegated authority to handle claims up to an agreed financial threshold or complexity before referring them to our central complex claims experts in the UK.


Our expertise, your peace of mind

Our claims experts have extensive knowledge across all sectors and the experience to deal with large and complex losses. We understand the challenges faced by a multinational company across business segments, so we establish strong relationships with customer and broker before policy inception, and maintain proactive communication throughout.

A Claims Account Manager (CAM) will be appointed, when required, and will work collaboratively with all stakeholders.

Transparency and tight controls

By operating centrally-controlled policy and claims tracking through our dedicated Information Platform (IP), we can monitor every single transaction and the progress of claims.

We will record claims on our IP within 24 hours of local notification ensuring early advice of a notification and oversight.

With every one of our Network offices, whether they are RSA offices or an external partner, we put in place a signed, legally binding Business Cooperation Agreement (BCA); this sets out the required service standards and ensures all offices understand what is expected of them.

Financial Protection

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Dedicated information platform

You can monitor all transactions and claim progress, with claims recorded within 24 hours.

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Local offices indemnified

Every office is indemnified against the financial impact of transactions across our global network (up to £5m).

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Guaranteed full settlement

We guarantee settlement of all premium claims balances on all valid claims, in full.

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Dedicated claims handler

A single point of contact, managing your claim from start to finish


Expertise forged by strong relationships

We understand the challenges faced by a multinational company across business segments, so we establish strong relationships with the customer and broker before policy inception and maintain proactive communication throughout.

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