Changes to our Residential Properties products

Find out why we are simplifying our residential properties insurance product range.

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Products being simplified

The products affected in this current review are:

  • Choices Protection for Flats
  • Residential Properties
  • Blocks of Flats
  • Homeshield

Managing new business

We are already closed to new business on Residential Properties, Blocks of Flats and Homeshield. All new business is already written on our Choices Protection for Flats product.

From 28 January 2022, we are renaming our Choices Protection for Flats product, it will now be called Choices Residential Protection. There is no difference in cover. All new business will only be offered our Choices Residential Protection Insurance policy.

Managing renewals

From 1st May 2022, policyholders on our Residential Properties, Blocks of Flats and Homeshield products will only be offered renewal terms on our Choices Residential Protection product. Our alternative product has the same pricing structure but will be more relevant and wider in cover in most of your client’s cases. Your client’s renewal will have a new policy number.

Choices Protection for Flats policyholders will be offered renewal terms but under the new name of Choices Residential Protection and will continue with their existing policy number.

Next steps if you have impacted clients

To make the process as easy as possible, you do not need to do anything extra for your client’s renewal. We are managing the change in product within RSA by issuing a Notice to Policyholders two months prior to their renewal.

We will contact you regarding impacted policies for the year ahead to allow reasonable time for you to assess your client’s needs and the differences between our Residential Properties, Blocks of Flats and Homeshield products and our alternative Choices Residential Protection policy. Please look out for this communication.

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Further questions

If you have any specific queries, please get in touch with your usual RSA contact.