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Mini Fleet is our e-traded motor insurance for cars, vans, trailers, forklifts, and trucks up to 44 tonnes. It’s designed for fleets of between 2 and 15 vehicles for new buyers, rising to 20 at mid-term adjustment or renewal.

Defaqto Mini Fleet

Award-winning Mini Fleet insurance

This product has been awarded a five star rating by Defaqto, an independent assessment based on facts not opinions. This endorsement follows expert analysis of quality data and industry-wide benchmarking. Recommending our Mini Fleet product to your customers can help you with your product governance requirements and support your Fair Value Assessment.

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Why choose RSA?

Our Mini Fleet product offers a wide range of flexible cover options and useful features, including recommendations for managing risks to improving business fleet performance.

Our dedicated RSA Priority Repair Network (RPN) means vehicles are back on the road as soon as possible, offering a fast, efficient, and reliable service. On top of this, we offer a lifetime guarantee on repairs. The product is designed for small fleets of between 2 and 15 vehicles for new clients, rising to 20 vehicles at mid-term adjustment or renewal.

Risk appetite and cover

We offer a range of cover options and useful features, including recommendations for managing risks to help improve fleet performance. Our claims team is fast and efficient, with a dedicated RSA repair network that makes sure vehicles are back on the road as soon as possible. And there’s a lifetime guarantee on repairs too. Find out more about our risk appetite by exploring the tabs below.

  • Standard cover
  • Optional cover
  • Target customers
  • Positive risk features
  • Negative risk features

Standard cover

  • Unlimited cover for death or bodily injury of any persons (including passengers)
  • Loss of or damage to material property up to £20m for cars (£5m all other vehicles)
  • Replacement locks up to £2,000 in the event of keys being lost or stolen
  • Legal assistance plan – up to £100,000 for legal expenses related to the recovery of uninsured losses
  • Territorial limits of the policy include EU and extended EU countries

Optional cover

  • Unlimited ‘new for old’ cover for the cost of a replacement vehicle within 12 months of first registration
  • Personal accident – up to £5,000
  • Medical expenses – up to £250
  • Personal effects – up to £250
  • Tools – up to £500 on any one claim
  • Breakdown – available in four options for cars and goods carrying vehicles under 7.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight

  • Flexible commission – reduce to as low as 0% or increase to a maximum of 20%

Target customers

We have outlined some examples below where we have particularly strong expertise.

  • Fleets of between two and six vehicles (at our most competitive)
  • Fleets of between two and six vehicles (at our most competitive)
  • Companies with experienced drivers and clean licences
  • Companies based outside of major urban areas
  • Risks which have been previously fleet rated
  • Risks which use risk management tools (e.g. telematics and cameras)

Positive risk features

The following risk features are set values within the trading platform. If the information you enter sits within the below parameters, the platform should allow ‘straight through trading’ – saving you time.

  • Private cars that market less than £75,000 in value and vans (goods carrying vehicles) less than £50,000
  • Driving restricted to those over 25 years of age, with a clean licence
  • Where the Policyholder has previous claims experience, we prefer those with a low claims frequency
  • Policyholders with no claims discounts (NCD) can insure a fleet of up to 20 vehicles (two-three vehicles without NCD)
  • No history of large losses (rules triggered by size of fleet)
  • Vehicles used for social, domestic or pleasure (SDP), commuting and carriage of own goods only
  • Vehicles insured on a fully comprehensive basis
  • Vehicle mix is predominantly private cars and small vans
  • Forklift trucks must be road registered (where applicable)
  • Utilisation of RSA’s Priority Repair Network (PRN)

Negative risk features

Risks we don’t write – or write only rarely as a small part of a wider portfolio – include:

  • Young drivers aged 17-18 years old at new business
  • Any element of hire and reward – including courier, haulage and private hire risks
  • Risks which include motor trade, airside or hazardous exposure
  • Fleets which have a high claims frequency and/or multiple large losses
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Speedy, streamlined claims

We understand the impact a motor claim can have on your customer’s business. That’s why our dedicated teams will provide a fast and efficient claims service to get people and businesses back on track as quickly as possible.

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Mitigating risk

We offer a wide range of risk control guides to help safeguard your customers’ businesses and interests. From vehicle accumulation to fleet risk mitigation, you can help your customers put in place a comprehensive risk mitigation programme by supplying them with a wide range of content created by our risk experts.

Documents and downloads

View and download policies, fact sheets and more.

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How to trade with us

For fleets between 2 and 15 vehicles, you can e-trade quickly and efficiently.

Mini Fleet FAQs

Got a question about Mini Fleet? Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about our Mini fleet product.

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