Commercial Crime insurance

Protect businesses against crime with an all-risks policy. Designed to cover financial losses, including theft by a third-party.

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All-risks protection

To give businesses comprehensive cover against crime, we provide an all risks protection. Common crimes include identity fraud, malicious data damage and securities fraud. This gives cover against crime inside and outside the company.

Comprehensive cover

  • All-risks cover. Providing protection for all your customer’s crime exposures
  • Extensive theft coverage. Covers theft by anyone, whether employed by the company or not, with no limit on the theft by third parties

  • Expenses included. A comprehensive expenses cover is in addition to the main limit of liability

  • Automatic extensions. From court compensation to PR fees, it’s all included

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The best of RSA

Deep expertise

With over 75 years’ experience working in ProFin insurance, we provide a service you can depend on.

Bespoke solutions

Get the cover you need with a range of add-ons and extensions to suit the specific needs of each business.

Underwriting support

Our specialist team of underwriters are available to talk through any specific risks or questions you may have.

Fast, efficient claims

Our claims team is experienced and responsive, acting quickly and decisively when you need it most.