Engineering Machinery and Business Interruption

Cover designed to get a business back up and running following a breakdown or unforeseen damage to premise-based plant and machinery, minimising downtime, and reducing the cost to the business.

Our policy covers all installed machinery, or specified plant and equipment, at specific locations for sudden and unforeseen damage, including:

• Pressure explosion

• Collapse

• Breakdown

• Accidental damage

• Toppling

Clients also have the option to insure against business interruption following an insured event on either a Gross Profit or Revenue Basis.

Risk Appetite:

We actively target the following machinery breakdown exposures:

• Breweries, distilleries, bottling, soft drinks manufacture

• Food canning, packing, bakeries, and dairies

• Textile and clothing manufacture

• Dyers and finishers

• Laundries and dry cleaners

• Woodworking risks (excluding sawmills)

• Electrical and light engineering

• Printing Plastics manufacture

• Offices, shops, and leisure centres

• Carpet manufacture

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