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The role of responsible business in building resilience

We take a look at the role of responsible business practices when it comes to building resilience in the current economic climate.

28 June 2021

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The future of the London Market

How the London Market is employing lessons and technologies learnt from the past year and beginning their road to recovery. So, just what has changed to the previously very traditional London Market?

23 June 2021


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The rise of pay-as-you-go insurance

We take a closer look at the shift to a digital pay-as-you-go insurance model – and how traditional insurers can ensure they remain part of the revolution.

21 June 2021


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The impact of Brexit on post-COVID SME's

For SMEs, the impact of Brexit and COVID has meant the last year has been a roller a coaster ride. We have summarised some of the most significant Brexit impacts the post-COVID SME market are facing.

07 May 2021

Offices Blog

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The three Ps of Offices insurance and why it's still important

Our Offices product covers those back in the office full-time, working from home or a mix of both. Find out more about our flexible solution, helping SME's manage their everyday risks.

07 May 2021

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Your guide to building a more resilient supply chain

Uncomplicated, efficient and regionalised supply chains have become crucial to business survival. So, how are UK businesses ensuring their supply chains are resilient and agile in a post-COVID world?

15 April 2021

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Why 2021 is a golden opportunity for the European rail industry

This blog, written by our rail specialist, Steve Medhurst looks at the European Commission's 'European Year of Rail' campaign.

07 April 2021

Supply Chain Landscape

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Off the back of a lorry: £95m of goods stolen on the UK’s roads

Supply chain crime is rife in the UK, with an annual cost of £95m. See how RSA expert Paule Mayoh helps businesses protect themselves. Read on.

29 March 2021

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Industrial fryers: the top fire risk for chippies, factories and 5* hotels

Industrial fryers are one of the most common causes of kitchen fires in kitchens of all sizes. Discover essential insights from RSA experts – read more.

29 March 2021


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Think like a thief: how to protect your business from burglary

Ex-Army RSA expert Paul Evans helps businesses protect commercial property from criminals. It all begins with being able to think like a thief. Read on.

29 March 2021


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A new start for Northern Rail

This blog written by our rail specialist, Steve Medhurst, explores how renationalising Northern Rail could presage wider changes for the UK rail sector over the coming years.

18 February 2021

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Claims for lost hearing aids rise by 68%

Face coverings bring challenges for hearing aid users and in some instances sadly causing them to lose them.

16 December 2020


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