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Who are Defaqto?


Defaqto are a totally independent and unbiased organisation comprised of financial services industry experts. To ensure their assessments are always relevant, their methodology is to annually review market developments and conduct research to identify the most important features to rate each product.

Defaqto expertise in data collection and analysis means they are a leading adviser that can be trusted to benchmark products against the market. They do not use consumer reviews, they only use facts, so they are completely unbiased and objective.

They rate products on a scale of 1 to 5 Stars, based on the quality and breadth of the features and benefits provided. Their process is not only open and transparent, but also stringent and consistent. The resulting Star system offers an industry standard brokers and customers can trust.

Demonstrating our commitment to you as a helpful partner

We have an ethos of continuous improvement, and we have been working very hard internally and consulting with brokers to make as many of our e-traded products even more comprehensive and competitive.

We know that recommending an insurance solution to any customer is one of the key elements of value that brokers bring to their clients. RSA work collaboratively with brokers to help underpin the trust and advice that they bring.

As well as demonstrating that we deliver some of the best products available, it’s a reflection of our commitment to being a helpful insurance partner with a thorough understanding of the market and customers’ needs. As a valued broker, you can recommend these products in the knowledge that they will offer the necessary quality and breadth of wordings that smaller business customers need, with the speed, ease and convenience of being able to transact online.


What does this mean for you as a broker?


The Defaqto Star system offers a wide range of benefits to you as a broker:

  • Filter for quality

Defaqto’s independent assessment of our e-traded products bring peace of mind that they offer all the necessary quality and breadth of wordings your smaller business customers need.

Defaqto 1 Star indicates a basic product with fewer features, whilst a 5 Star rated product is determined to be one of the highest quality products in the market. Research shows that *9 out of 10 consumers are more likely to choose a product that has a Defaqto Star rating over a product with similar features and cost, without a rating displayed.

*Defaqto consumer research, May 2021

  • Save time

With so many insurance products to compare, finding the right one can be time-consuming. We have done the hard work for you, by achieving Defaqto 5 Star ratings you can be confident in the calibre of our products. Saving time with less research for quality and breadth of cover, to create better efficiencies for you as a broker.

  • Ensure Fair Value

To support your product governance obligations and fair value assessments as a broker, selecting products accredited with Defaqto Stars, you can demonstrate you have benchmarked the product against the wider market and established the value to your customers.

  • Relevant and future proof

Defaqto’s ratings are analysed daily and updated every year on 1st February. Factors used to review a product change as the market develops, so that the assessments are timely and applicable.

  • Post recommendation assurance

Defaqto ratings are recognised by many commercial clients in their non-corporate lives. Selecting a Defaqto Star rated product enables you to display to your client at not only the beginning of the journey, but also after they have purchased, that you have recommended the policy with independent accreditation.

Defaqto understands the details and the differences between similar products and small print often used in the documentation and policy wordings. Their work uncovers subtle differences in cover that could make a big difference at the claim stage, is a time-consuming role and can be achieved by an independent assessor.


What RSA e-trade products have been awarded 5 Stars?


We strive to offer ‘Best in Class’ commercial insurance products with appropriate features, benefits and terms; but now you don’t have to take our word for it.

Defaqto’s 5 Stars are based on fact, not opinion and the following products have been awarded the top Defaqto Rating of 5 Stars:

RSA 413954 Min (1)

Our commercial products

Discover more about our commercial insurance products, supported by expert risk management and our specialist claims teams.

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