2020 proved an extraordinary year for global upheaval, with unprecedented social, environmental, and economic disruption: the UK’s exit from the EU brought changes to trade systems, the Black Lives Matter movement focused attention on inequalities, and catastrophic wildfires and extreme flooding around the world highlighted the impact of climate change, all alongside the global pandemic.

This insight looks at how the insurance industry reflects on the disruption over the past year and what future-proofing the economic recovery needs to involve. The main themes covered include:

  • What do we mean by ‘responsible business’
  • Why it matters
  • Key ESG considerations in the insurance industry
  • Our approach
  • Our action
  • Resilience evaluator

We're a leading renewable energy insurer, our underwriting mix consists of:

Wind 79%
Bio 9%
Solar 7%
Hydro 5%

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