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A brokers guide to implementing a successful scheme

You have an idea of how to bring clients the best insurance solution for their needs. How can you make sure that your new scheme concept is a successful one?

19 October 2021

Customer Behaviour

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Five ways to adapt to evolving customer behaviour

Changes in personal consumer habits, accelerated by the pandemic, are influencing the expectations of businesses. How can brokers keep up? This article offers five practical tips.

28 September 2021

Evolving Markets

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Achieving profitable growth through long-term partnerships

As businesses adapt to changing market conditions, it is paramount insurer partners adapt too. The ability to be agile and offer support is the key to being resilient in such a variable marketplace.

09 September 2021


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UK phone network changes and the impact on alarms

By the end of 2025, BT Openreach will be using a brand new all fibre network. We look at the impact the project will have on security alarm systems and what businesses can do to avoid disruption.

06 September 2021


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Insurers in wellies: a lifeline for flooded businesses

There’s no singular solution for protecting against floods. See how RSA experts help businesses manage this complex risk.

16 August 2021

Escape Of Water

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Escape of water: the biggest risk in the UK construction industry

Escape of water is the top cause of everyday damage for construction companies and property owners. See how RSA experts are helping to reduce risk.

16 August 2021

Wind Turbine

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Lightning strike: the peculiar risk for wind turbines

Wind farms face a unique set of risks due to their location and structure. See how RSA expert Murray Banks helps businesses mitigate the complex risks.

16 August 2021


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The rise of pay-as-you-go insurance

We take a closer look at the shift to a digital pay-as-you-go insurance model – and how traditional insurers can ensure they remain part of the revolution.

06 July 2021


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The role of responsible business in building resilience

We take a look at the role of responsible business practices when it comes to building resilience in the current economic climate.

28 June 2021

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The future of the London Market

How the London Market is employing lessons and technologies learnt from the past year and beginning their road to recovery. So, just what has changed to the previously very traditional London Market?

23 June 2021


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The impact of Brexit on post-COVID SME's

For SMEs, the impact of Brexit and COVID has meant the last year has been a roller a coaster ride. We have summarised some of the most significant Brexit impacts the post-COVID SME market are facing.

07 May 2021

Offices Blog

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The three Ps of Offices insurance and why it's still important

Our Offices product covers those back in the office full-time, working from home or a mix of both. Find out more about our flexible solution, helping SME's manage their everyday risks.

07 May 2021


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