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New business toolkit

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Why getting the right business cover could save you money and stress in the long run.

Starting a new enterprise is fraught with challenges but business insurance shouldn’t be one of them. RSA has the expertise and industry insight to help you find the commercial cover you need.

07 June 2022


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Why SMEs need to avoid the three pitfalls that can lead to underinsurance.

Here’s how you can help customers avoid these three pitfalls and ensure suitability of products and adequacy of cover.

07 June 2022

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ESG: businesses need to live their values

A company’s ESG actions should be demonstrated across the business. RSA expert Craig Watson explains why insurers care about this.

06 June 2022

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Fraud: the inevitable hazard

Fraud isn’t just possible, it’s inevitable. Learn how RSA expert Craig Watson is helping businesses to face this burgeoning risk.

06 June 2022

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Protecting rental properties against extreme weather

Top tips for landlords to prepare your rental property against severe weather.

08 April 2022

Small Combined Insurance Rating Category And Year 5

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Defaqto awards 5-star rating to 10 of RSA’s e-traded products

We’re delighted to have been awarded 5-Star Defaqto ratings for 10 of our e-traded products, so you can be confident of best-in-class cover with the convenience of transacting online.

25 February 2022


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A day in the life of an RSA claims handler

We sit down with Caroline Martin to discover what a typical day in the life of a Claims Handler is like and what she thinks makes the 'perfect claim'.

29 November 2021

Environmental Stock2

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Environmental Insurance: Myths and facts

This article looks at some of the key misconceptions around environmental insurance and how brokers might address them with their clients.

24 November 2021

Renewables Solar

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The UK energy crisis: A wake-up call to back renewables?

Discover the role insurers play in enabling the transition to a low-carbon economy by insuring renewable energy generation projects, and why the road to renewables is paved with new risks.

28 October 2021


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A brokers guide to implementing a successful scheme

You have an idea of how to bring clients the best insurance solution for their needs. How can you make sure that your new scheme concept is a successful one?

19 October 2021

Customer Behaviour

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Five ways to adapt to evolving customer behaviour

Changes in personal consumer habits, accelerated by the pandemic, are influencing the expectations of businesses. How can brokers keep up? This article offers five practical tips.

28 September 2021

Evolving Markets

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Achieving profitable growth through long-term partnerships

As businesses adapt to changing market conditions, it is paramount insurer partners adapt too. The ability to be agile and offer support is the key to being resilient in such a variable marketplace.

09 September 2021


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