The enhanced online question set has been designed to improve straight through trading and save you time. The changes mean that we will have more information to make faster decisions on our e-traded Properties product. In turn, you will receive a better, faster and more streamlined service.

The upgrade goes live from mid October and we wanted to give you as much notice as possible. 

These changes are industry wide as they are part of Polaris, the industry standards body, updating its digital trading standards. The changes will apply to both new and renewal property owners’ business e-traded via RSA Online and through other software house partners.

New business 

To help you prepare in advance, we have listed the changes below. We want to ensure you have as few referrals as possible and receive our best service when you need it. In order to do that, the new questions will need to be completed in addition to the existing set.

Mid-term adjustments

You don’t need to answer the new questions for mid-term adjustments as we will use the existing information gathered at the previous renewal.

Renewal business

To make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your clients, especially if you use Acturis or RSA Online and have opted for the auto-renewal functionality, you will need to complete the new mandatory questions at this renewal cycle or you will see system generated errors and exception messages. 

Please note - to enable you to get ahead of your renewals, the new and mandatory questions are:

Mandatory questions that used to be optional 

  • Is there a sprinkler?
  • If there is a sprinkler, what is the name of its accreditation?
  • Is there an alarm?
  • What is the value of the buildings additional cover? (This is an inner limit rather than an additional sum insured)

New mandatory questions

  • If there has been a claim, has the loss been settled?
  • Is the building listed? If it is, what is the type of listing?
  • Does the building have external cladding? If it does, what is the type of cladding?
  • How are the premises used by the resident?
  • How is rent funded by the resident?
  • What is the contents sum insured?

New optional question

  • What is the company partnership name? (This is the name of a company that is a partner in the partnership)

E-traded Properties insurance

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