The three Ps of Offices insurance and why it's still important

The world of work has changed dramatically over the past year and businesses are adapting to more flexible ways of working. Our Offices product offers a flexible solution for small-medium enterprises.

7 May 2021

With the road back to normal finally within sight, businesses will be looking to the future and the way they will operate when we get there. Many have embraced the change brought on by the pandemic and have adapted to ways of working that none of us would have thought possible two years ago.

Many employers will have noticed a shift in the behaviour of their employees; perhaps anxiety has started to kick in as we return to offices or a general positive attitude to continue working remotely. Working patterns for the future will naturally have changed too. With many employees now working from home, do businesses really need insurance for the office?

RSA’s Offices insurance product is much more than what it says on the tin; it’s a comprehensive package designed to help businesses manage their everyday risks. Whether staff are working from home, back in the office or a mix of both, Offices insurance includes everything a company will need to protect themselves should something go wrong. That’s cover for the Premises, People, and Protection of assets.


Whether it’s a fire, break in or a leak, working space is covered. If there are staff working remotely or in a different office location, they’ll be covered too. If a business experiences losses due to the temporary closure of premises or damage of goods and assets, that’s covered too.

Remember: Steps should be taken prior to heading back into the office full-time to help mitigate risks to the property. Checking that locks are secure, fire alarms are working, and equipment has been set up correctly will help safeguard assets and avoid any incidents.

For more on how to prepare a workspace, download the RSA Risk Bulletin (PDF, 132KB).


Public and employers’ liability ensures a business is protected should an incident occur at one of the operating locations. Whilst we hope that accidents don’t happen, they do take place, and more often than you think.

A small slip or trip can cause major damage, such as broken bones or other injuries which may result in having to take an extended period off work or undertaking rehabilitation, which can be costly to an employer. Public and employers’ liability is cover we offer for this type of incident and more.

Remember: For the wellbeing of employees and visitors, when coming back into the office for the first time and on an ongoing basis, undertaking simple checks to ensure people aren’t exposed to risks is important.

Some of the things to consider are:

  • ensuring stairways aren’t blocked and are safe to use
  • removing any boxes or materials that could cause injuries
  • ensuring electricals are tucked away

Protection of assets

Many businesses rely on their assets to operate. A marketing company in 2021 is reliant on their computer just as much as a doctors surgery relies on their equipment. Should there be a break-in and assets are stolen or damaged or perhaps money was left at the premises, it will be covered under contents insurance.

If there is a worry about contents that aren’t kept on the premises, such as goods being transported along the supply chain, we’ve got that covered too. It’s our business to understand that accidents happen, which is why accidental damage is a key feature and offers peace of mind.

Remember: Incidents can delay the operating rhythm of any business and whilst it’s handy to have protection in place, there are ways to prevent them from happening. Locking computers away at the end of each day and not having expensive equipment on show where possible isn’t so attractive to a burglar. Keeping water away from any electrical items and ensuring employees are fully trained on the day-to-day operating of equipment can help mitigate the risk of accidental damage.

Whilst small businesses have proved to be resilient and creative over the past year, it’s important to understand that everyone is exposed to risks daily. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that you never know what’s around the corner. Ensuring the right cover is in place is important to sustaining a business should the worst happen.

RSA is not only here to provide peace of mind through comprehensive and flexible insurance, but to also help build more resilient businesses.

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