Risk advice and guidance

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Read our specific advice on impairments.

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Preventing cooking fires

Cooking fires are incredibly common and often lead to large or major fires.

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Electrical equipment

Building owners and operators have a duty to maintain electrical equipment in a safe condition.

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Fire protection systems

Active fire protection systems are widely used and normally provide a very reliable means of fire protection.

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Solar Panel

Photovoltaic Panels

Our latest guidance to end-users of photovoltaic plants.

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Patio heater guidance

Outdoor patio heaters have become increasingly popular with pubs, cafes, restaurants, and hotels utilising their outdoor space.

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Hazardous materials

The handling of hazardous materials has the potential to impact people, property and the environment.

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Hot work

Inadequately controlled hot work is a major cause of fire.

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Leading causes of fire loss

Every year, thousands of companies suffer major losses due to fire incidents

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Industrial fryers

Industrial fryers present the fire hazard of heated ignitable liquids as well as fire and explosion hazards.

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Industrial ovens

Our guidance to end-users of industrial ovens and dryers and address the inherent fire hazards associated with them

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Flammable liquids and gases

Read our latest advice and guidance on how to manage risk with flammable liquids and gases and keep it in the pipe!

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Fire safety inspections

To ensure that premises are maintained as a safe environment, they should be inspected regularly.

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Loss prevention for cooking system duct work

Find out more about how to mitigate risks relating to extraction duct work.

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Composite panels

Over recent years there have been significant fire losses associated with the use of composite panels.

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Electric vehicle charging and enclosed car parks

New vehicles and electric vehicles present a number of risks including Li-ion batteries and increased plastic content which increase fire hazards, particularly in enclosed car parks.

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