Business Interruption – FCA test case

For information about the outcome of the FCA’s test case into how insurance policies respond to business interruption claims as a result of Covid-19 please visit this page.

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Make a plan. Minimise the damage.

A well-structured insurance policy will mitigate some of your financial losses. But it won’t cover damage to customer and supplier trust, your brand value or share price. That’s where our risk consultancy for business continuity can help.

We can help you prepare for a business-threatening incident. We’ll help you see the risks, to put you in a good position to maintain the financial viability of your organisation, safeguard employment, and instil confidence in your customers, investors and supply chain partners. A robust business continuity plan can even reduce your insurance premiums.

Key benefits

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Be prepared

With a full BCM solution including planning, impact analysis, risk assessment, response plans, recovery arrangements, testing and maintenance.

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Respond faster

Confidently respond to any incident in a planned and rehearsed way.

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Reduce downtime

Reduce the risk of costly downtime, lost customers, reputational damage and regulatory intrusion.

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Stay compliant

Make sure your plans meet the ISO 22301 standard for business continuity management systems.

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Analyse, optimise, and manage your risks

It’s not just about making a plan and forgetting about it until an incident happens. Our business continuity management services will help you improve your business practices, and actively increase your organisational resilience. Once you’ve set clear risk tolerance parameters, you can make more informed business decisions.

How we work


We work with you from the initial stages of plan development right through to the testing phase, to shape the development of your system. We analyse the “what if…?” impact of a disruptive event on your operations, customers and suppliers. Then we will help you identify practical ways to minimise the impact to your business.


We test your plan against the ISO 22301 standard for business continuity management systems. Then we work with you to develop credible scenarios for your business, each one designed to test your plan, making sure your team are fully prepared to deal with an interruption and get the business back up and running swiftly.


We can train your key employees in business continuity planning and show them its value to your business. We can also help you deploy a business continuity system and make sure that everyone in your business has a thorough grasp of the processes and procedures. It all helps to develop a culture of business continuity within your organisation.

The best of RSA Risk Consulting

The knowledge to go further

You get expert risk evaluation and sophisticated in-depth analysis of the risks your sector faces. We’ll show you how these apply to your business, and how they could evolve over time. We work closely with you to understand the specifics of your company; it’s needs and plans and tailor our approach accordingly.

Partnerships that make a difference

We build long-term, beneficial relationship with our clients, working with you to manage risk in a flexible, cost-effective way. We’ll tell you what is working well already and help identify any risks you may not be aware of.

Solutions grounded in reality

We always work within your guidelines and relevant industry standards. Our recommendations are always easily digestible and practical – so they fit your current situation, plans, risk management culture and budget. We’ll then work with you to help you implement them.

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