Please be reassured that we continue to ensure our customers receive a normal claim and repair journey at this time. All of our customers who were allocated to Nationwide for repair, have been contacted by our claim teams to provide support, explain the positon and to answer any questions. 

Any repair work in progress, where the vehicle is already on site with Nationwide (or that was due to be brought to site on Friday 3rd or Saturday 4th), will be completed as planned and we will ensure that the customer has access to a vehicle to keep them mobile at this time. All new repairs that were due to go to Nationwide after the 4th September will be re-deployed within our supply network.

Nationwide have been removed from our claims system so they do not appear as an option for our handlers to be instructed for new repairs. All new repair instructions will be allocated to either AGL or Fix Autos who have the capacity for the increased volume.

Below we've answered a few questions to help answer any queries:

  • Yes, all repairs will continue as planned and the customer will be updated of this changes.

  • We will ensure that your vehicle is repaired and returned to you as soon as possible. We’ll be working with all of the repair centres to ensure that this happens.

  • Yes, you should keep the courtesy car that Nationwide have provided to you until your vehicle is repaired and returned to you.

  • We will progress your complaint with Nationwide to ensure that we come to a resolution as quickly as possible. There may be some delays, but we will keep you updated on this.

  • Yes, you should pay your excess and repairs can commence as planned.

  • Yes, any guarantee work required will be allocated into our Network.