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As part of our Inspire programme and social impact strategy to build resilient communities, we've created opportunities for students looking for job shadowing and work experience. Our mission is to support the next generation of talent with career choices, growth and prospects.

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Looking to apply for work experience?

Applications are opening soon. Watch this space!

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What we're looking for

If you're a motivated person who is eager to get a head start in your career, then our work experience opportunity could be for you.

Whether you're currently in school or college, our programme will allow you to gain valuable hands-on experience and insights into the professional world.

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What to expect

You'll be supported by a dedicated RSA champion who will guide you through your programme, making sure you have a great experience with us.

You'll spend time with our subject matter experts who'll give you a wealth of insight and knowledge. You'll also learn more about yourself, your strengths and talents, and what you enjoy.

We're eager to help you explore various career pathways, including our apprenticeships, internships and graduate programmes, with a view to helping you shape your future.

Our locations

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What is Bright Futures?

Bright Futures is our early careers talent programmes, that include apprenticeships, internships, and our graduate programme.

They've all been designed with a clear purpose in mind: to provide a structured and supportive experience that serves as a launch pad to your success.

How long is work experience?

The work experience programme is usually 2 weeks in early summer, although this will be determined by your school, sixth form or college.

What happens once I've finished the work experience programme?

Depending on what year you're in at school, sixth form or college, you might soon be able to join one of our other Bright Futures programmes. We have apprenticeships, internships and graduate programmes.

Other early career programmes at RSA

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Our apprenticeships will help to kick start your career if you've just left school or college.



Our summer internships are a 10-12 week programme working alongside some of our experts, and it could lead you onto a place on our Bright Futures graduate scheme.



Experience enriching learning with our graduate scheme, giving you all the tools to develop your skills and accelerate your career.