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A bird's-eye view: a risk management solution for waterfront apartments

Find out how multiple teams collaborated during the pandemic to deliver personalised, bespoke cover for a long-term partner.

26 October 2021


Article, Case studies

Protecting decision-makers with D&O insurance

Find out how we're protecting the interests of businesses and their decision-makers with three recent case files.

30 September 2021

Commercial Property

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Collaborative partnership helps build a tailored property solution

Find our how our risk and underwriting teams partnered with commercial property client’s broker to build them a tailored solution around specific business needs and concerns.

06 September 2021

Chemical Risk

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Sector specific expertise in chemical risk secures win

When a broker approached us for the renewal of a pharmaceutical manufacturing client in the Midlands, we turned to our expert chemical risk consultant to evaluate the best terms for the deal. Read on.

30 June 2021

Fleet Lockdown

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Quick, decisive action helps broker win new fleet business

Discover how our fast response, collaborative approach and comprehensive offer landed a two year new fleet business deal for our broker partner and for RSA.

04 May 2021


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Driving savings through better risk management

When our haulage client needed to transform their insurance profile and make savings across the business, our expert team helped them to understand and reduce their risks.

16 April 2021

Fleet 2

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Our fleet experts partner with Insurtech to create a ground-breaking new courier fleet solution

When faced with a challenge to create a completely new product, our fleet experts partnered with a niche Insurtech to create a completely bespoke, innovative solution for a growing sector.

01 April 2021

Fish And Chips

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Rapid resolution of fire damage claim deserves ‘catch of the day’

When a fire devastated the preparation room of a fish and chip shop, impressive collaboration with the broker, buildings insurer and customer ensured they were back up and running in a matter of days.

19 March 2021

Reneweable Energy

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Specialist industry expertise secures renewable energy business

Find out how our experts understood the requirements for this client, helped them identify their risks and ensure their cover requirements were fully met with a comprehensive value-added solution.

25 February 2021


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Our property specialists break new ground in underwriting

Find our how our underwriting and risk experts were challenged with providing cover for a unique aero research facility in the UK.

11 February 2021


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Cross-class teamwork secures new package deal business

Impressive cross-class teamwork resulted in a comprehensive package proposition to secure new business in property, fleet, financial lines and claims.

21 January 2021

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Article, Case studies

Innovative partnership makes a big impact in small business insurance

Follow how we partnered with insurtech, Superscript, to evolve its commercial insurance offering, providing subscription-based insurance for small, independent businesses.

15 December 2020


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