Protecting construction projects

Deal with uncertainty, mitigate costly disruptions, and minimise setbacks with our specialist risk consultancy service for construction.

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Manage risks, protect people, improve business

We don’t just help you comply with legal obligations. We help you proactively deal with uncertainty and implement rigorous and effective measures that can give you a commercial edge. We can help you mitigate costly delays and disruptions, protect your construction workers on site, and shield your business from reputational damage.
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Build a resilient business

We work with you and your project team to understand your risks and provide relevant advice and insights. Depending on the project’s size and complexity, this might involve on-site progress reviews at critical stages of construction, understanding current concerns and designing out potential problems, providing early warning of new and emerging risks, and helping to identify practical solutions.
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Focussed guidance

We work in partnership with the RISCAuthority to offer a library of focussed loss control guidance - The Business Property Protection Portal (BPPP). It's designed to highlight the specific risks that affect different business organisation types and trades to help you stay resilient. Download loss control guidance relevant to your business, drawing from our own advice as well as extensive insurance and geographical toolkits from RISCAuthority.
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Advice and guidance

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Health and safety on construction sites

Read our latest guidance and advice on health and safety on construction sites.

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Construction site closures

Best practice advice and guidance for contractors and employers on the precautions that need to be taken if a construction site is temporarily closes.

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Escape of water

General guidance to help protect your business from water damage.

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Need a translation?

Find translated versions of our risk advice and guidance in our dedicated area.
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