Accessing claims online is quick and easy

1. Enter your user ID and password

3. Once your details are accepted, click on the ‘Claims Tracking” option from the menu on the left hand side

4. Then select the ‘Claims Online’ option.

Quicker communication

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View your claims status

Easily find your customers claim reference number, whether we have registered their claim or if their claim has been closed.

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View correspondence

We'll store all the correspondence relating to the claim here so it's easy to find. Claims Online also acts as a portal for our team to leave messages for you.

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All the details in one place

Easily locate details of estimate changes, payments or recoveries made on the claim, as well as any third party details or service providers.

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Motor claims in real time

See when our engineers authorise repairs on a vehicle or deem it a total loss in real-time.

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Locating claims when time is of the essence

The RSA Claims Online search function has been designed to make finding and locating a claim easy. So if you're picking up a claim for somebody else, or need to find some information on a claim you can make sure you get the information you need. 

Simply search by;

• RSA claim reference
• Policy number
• Policyholder name
• Vehicle registration number for Motor claims
• Specific date range.



Need access?

If you need to set up an account for RSA Claims online all you need to do is email us including the following information:

• Name
• Contact details
• RSA agency number

Claims contacts

When the worst happens our claims teams are here to help.

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Claims online

Log in or register for RSA Claims Online


Process property claims online

Working in collaboration with our brokers, we’ve created our e-FNOL (First Notification of Loss) portal, to allow commercial property claims to be submitted electronically.

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Risk consulting

Our in-house specialists help protect businesses for the long term - with focused support and long-standing expertise.

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