Property damage claims should be simple and stress-free

So we’re making the process even faster and easier with RSA Video Call – an innovative live streaming mobile app that enables real-time interactions between the customer and our office based specialists.

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Better collaboration

Closer collaboration between all stakeholders including; customer, insurer, broker, specialist, contractor and suppliers.

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Captures loss on first contact

All critical information is gathered early on using video and still images to ensure a smoother process and better decision making.

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Reduces claim turnaround time

By capturing key information early on and having face to face conversations we can reduce claims turnaround time.

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Avoids loss adjuster visits

Reduces the need for loss adjuster visits to site for less complex claims, saving time and speeding up the process.

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How it works

RSA Video Call is an intuitive app that enables customers to initiate a video call at an agreed time with one of our specialists in a single click, and get an immediate response to triage losses faster.

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Virtual surveys

After a claim has been registered, We'll contact you to arrange the best time to virtually survey the nature and extent of the damage at your convenience.

Our specialists will direct you to focus on specific areas, to provide a visual first notice of loss.

This seamless interaction provides our specialists with the evidence to make an informed decision about the complexity of the claim, such as determining whether a loss adjuster needs to carry out a site visit, and next best actions, such as appointing a restoration contractor on day one to reduce secondary damage and losses.

RSA Video Call

Downloading the app

RSA Video Call is available for iOS and Android devices and can be easily downloaded through the Apple App Store or Google Play. Customers simply keep the app on their mobile device for the lifetime of the claim.

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