Business Interruption – FCA test case

For information about the outcome of the FCA’s test case into how insurance policies respond to business interruption claims as a result of Covid-19 please visit this page.

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Better drivers, improved bottom line

There are compelling financial and commercial benefits to safer driving. It can lower operating costs and improve in fleet performance, lower premiums and excess payments, reduce the need for temporary drivers and replacement vehicles, and reduced wear and tear and fuel consumption.

We can help you establish a systematic way to manage your fleet risks and protect your people, assets, reputation and bottom line.

Key benefits

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Lower costs

We’ll help you improve fleet performance, and lower operating costs.

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Improve safety

Better driving keeps everyone safe: from employees to the communities you work in.

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Stay compliant

Keep abreast of the latest legislation, and improve your compliance across the board.

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Minimise disruption

Reduce potentially costly disruptions to business, as well as negative publicity and reputational damage arising from incidents.

Get an expert view

We’ll review your current risk management systems including your operational procedures, vehicle maintenance, driver training, and incident management systems.

We’ll show you what’s working well, highlight opportunities for improvement, and identify any less obvious risks. Then we agree a risk improvement plan with you, for practical recommendations, guidance and support to protect your fleet and its operations.

Then build business resilience

We’ll help you embed risk management into your day-to-day business practice by establishing a systematic way of managing your fleet risks.

We can develop practical solutions for specific problem areas, provide early warning of emerging risks, and reduce your incident and collision potential to avoid unplanned, unexpected and uninsured costs.

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Use the right tools, get the right insight

Our consultation is designed to add tangible business value by providing performance insight and management solutions. We aim to deliver simple and cost-effective responses to the challenges that you are faced with.

When we need to use third party providers to deliver this, we will ensure we offer the most appropriate solution at preferential rates. These include online driver training and assessments, CCTV and telematics, cloud-based sharing platforms, real-time analytics and mobile apps.

Tools that help you to

Analyse performance

Get immediate visibility into your fleet performance.

Change behaviour

Use strategies that incentivise drivers to improve.

Improve culture

Promote a culture of safer, more aware driving.

Defend claims

Provide irrefutable evidence in the event of a non-fault accident or spurious claim.

The best of RSA Risk Consulting

The knowledge to go further

You get expert risk evaluation and sophisticated in-depth analysis of the risks your sector faces. We’ll show you how these apply to your business, and how they could evolve over time. We work closely with you to understand the specifics of your company; it’s needs and plans and tailor our approach accordingly.

Partnerships that make a difference

We build long-term, beneficial relationship with our clients, working with you to manage risk in a flexible, cost-effective way. We’ll tell you what is working well already and help identify any risks you may not be aware of.

Solutions grounded in reality

We always work within your guidelines and relevant industry standards. Our recommendations are always easily digestible and practical – so they fit your current situation, plans, risk management culture and budget. We’ll then work with you to help you implement them.

Fleet Risk bulletins and articles

Get the latest guidance and information from our risk consultants.

Speak to our team

For more information, speak to our specialist risk consultant for your sector.

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Multinational capabilities

Our extensive global network means we can insure businesses around the globe – with fast, efficient support when you need it.

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Our story

We’ve helped protect businesses from uncertainty for over 300 years. Read our story.

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