We are asking that all customers contact their brokers for support and advice in the first instance. The contacts and FAQs below are intended to support you to manage these enquiries.

Frequently asked questions

  • To continue to protect RSA staff wellbeing, the Finance team will be working remotely with immediate effect. It is therefore not possible to continue to receive and process account payments by cheque each month. To protect the continuation of cover for your customers, please arrange to make payments electronically with the following details:

    Sort code 40-02-50

    Account number 41407023

    You must include the agency number within the payment transfer so RSA can reconcile the payment when received. Please also email the support statement when paying.

    To send the supporting statement, if you have any queries with your account statement or are unable to pay electronically please email my.experience@uk.rsagroup.com.

  • Carrying out clerical work from home, such as using a laptop or phone does not need to be notified. If business visitors are received to the home there are some restrictions such as loss of money or theft that are excluded, unless there is evidence of forcible and violent entry to the property.

  • There is no need to add business equipment (e.g. a phone or laptop) owned by a policyholders employer to their policy as this will usually be covered under the employers business insurance.

    Any business equipment owned by the policyholder can be covered under the policy. Please check your Policy Schedule and Policy Wording for more details and limits.

  • Policy cover usually allows up to 60 days unoccupancy before certain restrictions apply. However, we will waive these restrictions if the unoccupancy is unavoidable as a result of COVID-19.

    If it is possible to plan before leaving the property unoccupied, here are some actions that may help to protect the property:

    • ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on the property
    • ensure the windows and doors are locked (and remove keys) and set the alarm
    • switch off and unplug  electrical items
    • turn off the gas at the mains, unless it’s required for an automatically controlled heating system
    • Turn off the water at the mains and drain the system unless an automatically controlled heating system requiring the water supply is left in operation
  • No, it is not a requirement to tell us if the home is occupied more often because of the virus.

  • If the home is occupied by anyone other than the policyholder or their family, certain restrictions apply. However, RSA will waive these restrictions if the friend or carer is staying as a result of COVID-19. If the friend or carer continues to stay with the policyholder after self-isolation finishes, then the policy will need to be updated.

  • Yes, we will cover personal belongings temporarily removed from the home during self-isolation if the policyholder should lose them, they’re damaged in a fire or stolen.   Please check the Policy wording for a full list of what RSA do and don’t cover, and details of policy limits.

  • Yes, RSA will continue to cover items under normal terms while policyholders have to self-isolate.

    Please provide a valuation as soon as possible once restrictions are lifted. RSA will also accept a receipt if this is available and it is advised that the policyholder takes photographs of the item(s).

  • If documents have been missed prior to renewal date due to issues relating from COVID-19, then please advise RSA and we will do what we can to either reinstate the policy or arrange a new policy as soon as possible.

    Please email us to let us know if this is the case;

    For Preferred Choice use HNW.HH@uk.rsagroup.com

    For all other contracts use Liverpool.brokerhome@uk.rsagroup.com

  • RSA Operations Team in Liverpool is unable to continue to support phone lines due to resource constraints. We ask that all communication be directed to the email addresses below. We expect to be able to offer a 72 hour response time on all enquires directed through email.

    For Preferred Choice use HNW.HH@uk.rsagroup.com

    For all other contracts use Liverpool.brokerhome@uk.rsagroup.com