Black History Month: Q&A with Karl Lokko

Black History month has been celebrated in the UK for over 30 years, and was founded to recognise the contributions from people of African and Caribbean backgrounds.

16 November 2021

Diversity and Inclusion is important at RSA. Our vision is to create an inclusive workplace where everyone can bring their best self to work. We do this by building greater diversity across all levels of our organisation and creating a more inclusive culture to attract and encourage diverse perspectives.

Celebrating BHM at RSA is important to celebrate all Black history, educate ourselves and celebrate our black colleagues.

This year, our Chief Information Officer David Germain interviewed Karl Lokko, a well-known social activist, poet, and international speaker. Karl was a former gang leader who is now a successful campaigner and works to reform gang culture and fight for social justice. Karl is also the Chairman of the organisation Black Seed which aims to help black-led start-ups access funding.

What was covered in the session?

Karl Lokko was interviewed on a variety of topics including his personal history, how he became part of a gang how he got himself out of it, his take on how we need to move forward as a society and as corporations to champion diversity and inclusion beyond Black History Month.

We held a number of additional events at RSA to celebrate Black History Month, including:

  • 4th October Fireside Chat with guest speaker Karl Lokko
  • 7th October: Q&A with RSA’s CIO David Germain
  • 20th October: Q&A with RSA’s Head of People Jacqueline Bell Gam
  • 25th October: In collaboration with RSA pride “Caught between Cultures” - the LGBTQ+ Journey to Cultural Acceptance. Aleks Leonard-Rawlings discussed his lived experience as a member of the LGBTQ+ community from a mixed-race background.

We are glad to have had all these events during BHM and Inclusion month, to bring awareness and celebrate diversity at RSA.