Contractors’ Plant Insurance

Comprehensive “All Risks” cover for customers owned and hired in contractors’ plant and equipment.

Our contractors’ plant product may be selected on a traditional specified or blanket basis, or alternatively on our Inventory Plus product, giving the policyholder the best of both worlds.

How does Inventory Plus work?

  • The policyholder submits an inventory of all plant when requesting a quotation
  • Once a policy is incepted, cover applies to all items on the inventory, plus automatically for any additional items the policyholder purchases during the policy period
  • At the renewal of the policy, we ask for an up-to-date inventory and adjust the premium up or down to reflect any changes

Why Inventory Plus?

  • The policyholder doesn’t need to tell us every time they buy or sell plant
  • They have automatic cover like a blanket basis
  • We don’t need to constantly endorse the policy to reflect plant change
  • Your customers can make savings on their premiums - this could be up to a third cheaper than traditional blanket cover

Risk Appetite:

We actively target the following contractors’ plant risks:

  • Groundwork contractors
  • General building contractors
  • Quarrying risks
  • Demolition contractors

Contact us for a quote

  To find out more and get a quote, please speak to your account manager or underwriting specialist in your region.