Protecting your marine cargo and supply chain

We’ll help you understand the risks your business faces, and take practical action to mitigate them.

Resilient supply chain, resilient business

We can help you identify areas of risk, reduce incidents and mitigate losses in your marine business. From the cargo to the ship, from warehouse to worker, our whole strategy helps your business be more resilient.

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Get an expert view

We’ll review your current risk management systems including your operational procedures, recruitment and training, physical risks at storage locations, logistics and transport, security features, and incident management systems. We’ll show you what’s working well, highlight opportunities for improvement, and identify any less obvious risks. Then we agree a risk improvement plan with you, for practical recommendations, guidance and support to protect your business and its operations.
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Then build business resilience

We’ll help you embed risk management into your day-to-day business practice by establishing a systematic way of managing your risks. We can develop practical solutions for specific problem areas, provide early warning of emerging risks, and reduce your incident and collision potential to avoid unplanned, unexpected and uninsured costs.
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Focussed guidance

We work in partnership with the RISCAuthority to offer a library of focussed loss control guidance - The Business Property Protection Portal (BPPP). It's designed to highlight the specific risks that affect different business organisation types and trades to help you stay resilient. Download loss control guidance relevant to your business, drawing from our own advice as well as extensive insurance and geographical toolkits from RISCAuthority.
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Periscope: unrivalled capability for deeper insight

We go beyond the usual screening of maritime assets, which might look no further than classification methods based on flag and age. Our proprietary risk model for ships, Periscope, uses data on the world’s entire maritime fleet – including construction, navigational and regulatory data – alongside RSA’s own marine exposure and claims data. We’re the only insurance company with this capability.

A network of expertise

Our risk consultants are here to give you the insight, statistical analysis and industry solutions you need. We’re experts across the industry, and are active parts of industry bodies that include:

  • The RHA Security Forum - (Also a contributor to the CARTS guide – Cargo and Road Transport Security booklet)
  • TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) – Trained on all current standards and also a subject matter content expert to the Association
  • SCRIP (Supply Chain Risk Industry Partnership)
  • Attendance at other supply chain forums and conferences such as Secure Parking Groups, Multimodal, Microlise, Temperature Controlled Storage and Distribution etc
  • CILT – Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

Risk advice and guidance

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Read our latest advice and guidance on security.

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Make sure you're up to date on the latest trading guidance.

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Employee vetting

From driver vetting to subcontractors, making sure your employees are properly vetted is key to minimising risk.

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Need a translation?

Find translated versions of our risk advice and guidance in our dedicated area.
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