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What has driven this review?

RSA is constantly looking at ways to improve its portfolio of products and services, irrespective of the market served or the distribution channel. Following an in-depth review, we realise the need to streamline our product range.

All large businesses regularly look at where they can make improvements to efficiency. RSA is working on a programme of simplifying our business and focussing on the areas we can provide the best all round value. The results of our recent review mean we are removing some complexity and reducing the number of similar products we currently offer.

Below we've summarised answers to some of the questions you might have about the changes to our product portfolio.

  • We have listened to your feedback to simplify the way we do business, to reduce complexity, focus attention on our core products and deliver a more efficient business model that makes us easier to do business with.

  • We have reviewed our products and identified where there is an opportunity to simplify our offering. We have looked at where we can align customers to similar, newer or more relevant products and as a consequence have also identified some products to close to both new business and renewals.

    We will be using a phased approach. We have already reviewed our open market Professional and Financial Risks (Profin) portfolio and combined products. We are now moving on to reviewing our residential properties products.

    The products affected by this review are:

    • Choices Protection for Flats
    • Residential Properties
    • Blocks of Flats
    • Homeshield

    Brokers with existing customers will be notified in advance of renewal and we will provide details of how these changes will impact those policies.

  • We are committed to keeping you informed and will continue to provide updates as and when further decisions are made. These changes may not affect all brokers.

    For details of the changes to our Profin portfolio, our combined products and residential properties products, please take the time to familiarise yourself with the details in the links below. If you have any specific queries, please contact your usual RSA contact.

The areas we're working on:

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We're making some changes to our Professional and Financial Risks product.

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Professional Insured Select

Find out what changes we're making to our Professional Insured Select product.

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Blocks Of Flat

Choices Residential Protection

Find out what changes we're making to our Residential Properties products.

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Stay up to date

Keep checking back to find out about the products affected by these changes.