Complex sector. Tailored solutions.

Our marine products are designed to meet the needs of businesses navigating the vast and complex world of global shipping and logistics. From fast, flexible e-traded products to suit smaller businesses getting things from A to B, to fully-bespoke solutions for some of the world largest shipping companies – we work with you to understand the needs of the business, and provide solutions that keep it safe to thrive.

E-traded Marine products

Cargo eSolutions

Designed to cover UK businesses shipping worldwide.

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Haulage eSolutions

Liabilities cover for hauliers and couriers with up to 10 vehicles.

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Transit eSolutions

Transit insurance for small businesses and tradespeople in the UK.

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Manually traded marine products

Cargo Throughput Solutions & Simply Cargo

Manually-traded cargo insurance covering goods in transit and storage around the globe.

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Freight Solutions

Freight insurance with a wide breadth of cover in one policy, designed for logistics providers.

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Maritime equipment insurance

Maritime equipment insurance that provides global uninterrupted coverage.

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Regional hull and machinery insurance

For UK-based businesses that own and operate commercial vessels.

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Hull and Machinery London

Worldwide hull and machinery cover for owners and operators of vessels of all sizes.

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London Market Cargo

Bespoke marine cargo insurance with dedicated risk management, claims and recovery services.

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Marine liabilities

Specialist cover for a wide range of marine liability exposures.

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Marine trade solutions

Designed specifically for the marine trades industry with flexible liability and property cover.

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Our commercial products

Explore our commercial products, each one based on deep understanding of needs, and backed by expert risk, underwriting and claims teams.

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How to trade with us

Find out how to get set up as an RSA registered broker and start trading RSA products.

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