Working around the clock to deliver a comprehensive response

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), our customers have 72 hours from discovery of an incident to notify the relevant regulatory authority (this timeline will vary in other territories in accordance with the appropriate legislation) so we have to respond quickly.

We simplify the process by providing a convenient helpline that is always available for customers to call to make a first notification of loss (FNOL). This first point of contact is vital and enables us to manage the process from there.

We partner with leading providers Deloitte and cyber specialists Crawford to provide a fast and reliable claims service following a cyber incident.

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1. An incident manager is assigned

An incident manager with expertise in dealing with complex cyber issues is appointed to manage the process end-to-end.

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2. Triage and action plan

Our experts will immediately triage and advise on the best course of action - within 5 hours of an incident, our investigation starts, we appoint experts and provide a clear discovery plan.

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3. Investigation within 24 hours

Within 24 hours our investigation is well underway, with regular updates to the customer and broker.

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4. Solution plan within 48 hours

Within 48 hours we have a clear solution plan, with referral to RSA experts for any further investigation.

A co-ordinated approach

The costs associated with managing a cyber incident are significant and can escalate dramatically so a coordinated approach and rapid resourcing equals a successful outcome.

The full suite of services required for a comprehensive cyber response are utilised including: 

  • IT forensics experts
  • Law firms to advise what your legal obligations are in various jurisdictions and the best way to interact with regulators
  • Help with notification of data subjects if necessary; a call centre set up may be required, as may credit monitoring and identity theft cover
  • Public relations experts will help with any potential reputational damage
  • Forensic accounting to help quantify loss
  • Security experts to deal with extortion threats if necessary
  • Help with returning business operations to pre-incident performance.

For cyber security incidents, we partner with leading providers Deloitte and cyber specialists

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