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Introducing our e-FNOL platform

We’re very proud of our reputation for settling commercial claims quickly and fairly, but one of the key areas where we can make sure that happens is at the point of first notification.

Working in collaboration with our brokers, we’ve created our e-FNOL portal, to allow commercial property claims to be submitted electronically.

Improving the claims journey

Eliminating the issues that can sometimes arise from the traditional contact methods, e-FNOL’s user-friendly design makes it clear what information is required from brokers and customers when notifying us of a new claim. 

This single interaction can provide the level of detail our expert claims handlers need to make an informed decision on next steps, improving the triaging of commercial property claims and, in most cases, completely removing the need to chase additional information.


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Quick and easy

e-FNOL is designed to make reporting a claim simple and comprehensive.

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Efficient and effective

The tailored online journey provides our claims experts with everything they need to make a decision.

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Greater clarity

Clear questioning avoids ambiguity and the need for additional information at first notification.

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Brokers can allow their customers to submit smaller claims directly, without them losing control of the claim.


How to use e-FNOL

e-FNOL can be used for all commercial property claims (businesses, shops and let properties) which involve the following perils:

  • Weather
  • Theft
  • Accidental Damage
  • Water

Once claims have been notified to us through the e-FNOL portal, and any necessary documents have been uploaded, the broker receives a PDF copy of the claim form for their records and confirmation that the details have been successfully submitted.