Minimising the impact

When a loss occurs, the impact can be huge. From straightforward claims that can be fast-tracked to a swift conclusion, to more complex claims that require specialist handling, we understand the impact of a claim, however large or small.

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Strong Partnership

We work closely with brokers and all parties involved to move claims to resolution as quickly as possible

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A global network

Our marine claims adjusters work with a global network of claims agents and surveyors, so we can respond quickly, wherever the claim occurs.


Our recoveries teams are dedicated to pursuing responsible parties to speed up the claims process at no additional cost. We take a hands-on approach to recoveries, helping to reduce the total cost of the claim where third parties are responsible.

Working on your behalf, we seek maximum compensation to help protect your customers’ balance sheets and save them valuable management time. When claims fall below large policy deductibles, we can offer a dedicated service to help you pursue uninsured losses at competitive fee scales.

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Process your cargo claims online

Our Electronic First Notification of Loss (e-FNOL) fast track facility for Cargo claims up to £10,000 speeds up the consideration and settlement process, with essential and limited information required, to bring the claim to a satisfactory conclusion. Claims are responded to within 48 hours, and payment is received within five days of receipt of documents.

Major and complex claims (typically exceeding £100k in value)

Our large and major loss handling team is made up of our most experienced claims specialists. The team have the skills to manage complex claims and protect your customers’ financial and reputational interests.

Tackling fraud

Our Counter Fraud specialists blend cutting-edge technology with traditional identification and detection methods. We are instrumental in cross-industry initiatives and at the heart of all industry forums. This enables us to provide intelligence and insight, raising awareness of the impact of fraud and the steps that can be taken to protect you, your customers, their reputations and their premiums.

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Commercial Salvage Initiative

Our commercial salvage initiative can help reduce the cost of a claim and protect the environment. When items are considered to be uneconomical to repair or restore, we work with salvage partners to assess your items for salvage potential. 

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Claims solutions for multinational insurance programmes

Through our global network of RSA offices and established network partners in over 170 countries and territories, your customers can be confident of trading wherever they choose to operate across the globe. And, wherever claims occur in the world, we will help your customers get back on track quickly.

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Track claims online

Claims Online is our online portal where you’ll find all the information about an existing claim, including reference numbers, documents and current status. Log in or register to find out more.

Make a claim

If you need to make a claim, you can find all the information you need here

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Marine insurance

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Protecting your marine cargo and supply chain

We’ll help you understand the risks your business faces, and take practical action to mitigate them.

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Brokers and partners

A partnership with RSA can make your business more flexible, efficient, and profitable.