Business Interruption – FCA test case

For information about the outcome of the FCA’s test case into how insurance policies respond to business interruption claims as a result of Covid-19 please visit this page.

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Reduce your risk, safeguard your business

We help businesses understand the risks they face, and what they can do to mitigate those risks. We work with RSA’s underwriters and claims teams, with almost all of our commercial insurance customers – from sole traders to multinational corporations.

Together, we help you understand your risks, then plan, implement and monitor effective risk management strategies. Everything we do is designed to safeguard people, assets, and reputations – helping businesses thrive for the long term.


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Deep expertise

Technical excellence, flexibility and pragmatism

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Solutions designed for you

Solutions that are right-sized for your business and risk profile

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Global reach

International expertise across a breadth of industry sectors

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An integrated team

We work closely with RSA’s underwriting and claims teams to make your experience seamless.

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The right level of support

A sole trader’s risks will be completely different to those faced by a multinational corporation. That’s why we tailor our support to match your business need – whether that means a quick phone call from one of our specialists, or a dedicated team to work with you on-site. We always make sure you get the right level of support, for cost-effective risk management with minimal interference and disruption.

Experts, meet experts

Risk consultancy is always a collaboration – we work with your team, bringing specialist expertise to complement the skills you already have in-house.

Our team includes expertise from a huge range of backgrounds, from chartered engineers to business continuity specialists. It means we can add to the expertise of your team – creating strong partnerships that last.

A better view of complex risk data

Our consultancy can go a lot further than a single report. Larger corporate clients with complex risks can see all their data in one place with RSAred – including portfolio analysis, real time data management and risk assessment and comparison. Run reports, see results – and get the full picture of the risks.

Our process

  • First we gather information about your business and sector to identify and assess your risks.

  • We work with key people in your business to see what opportunities there are for changes and improvements to mitigate losses and minimise business interruption. 

  • We help you gain clear visibility of your risk exposures and recommend improvements you can take to prevent and mitigate against losses. Then we help you design practical, cost-effective and feasible risk management solutions.

  • We work with you to implement solutions, which can include workshops, seminars, training, change management programmes or continuity planning and more.

  • We track the impact of the implementation phase, gathering insights that feed into a cycle of continuous improvement.

Specialist risk consulting expertise for your industry

Property risk engineering

We can help you avoid business disruption and reputational damage by mitigating the risks associated with business property – wherever your business is in the world.

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Real Estate

Protect your real estate with proactive risk management. With 300 years of experience, we know how to mitigate risks and improve business performance.

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Health and Safety

See how good Health and Safety risk management can actively support your business, rather than stifling it.

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You can significantly reduce collisions, incidents, injuries and business disruption with a proactive approach to fleet risk management. See how.

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Identify areas of risk, reduce incidents and mitigate losses in your marine business.

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Business Continuity

Assess risks, plan for an emergency and act decisively when the moment comes.

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Specialist consultancy for your construction project. Deal with uncertainty, mitigate costly disruptions, and minimise setbacks.

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Read our latest Risk Guides

Our Risk Control Guides provide you with advice and guidance on how to manage specific risks.

Need a translation?

Find translated versions of our Risk Control Guides and Bulletins in our dedicated area. 

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Discover more about RSA risk consultancy, including sector-specific expertise in construction, marine, business continuity, fleet, real estate and health and safety.

The Business Property Protection Portal (BPPP)

To access all our guides and technical library, visit our Business Property Protection Portal.

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Multinational capabilities

Our extensive global network means we can insure businesses around the globe – with fast, efficient support when you need it.

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Our story

We’ve helped protect businesses from uncertainty for over 300 years. Read our story.

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Get the latest insight from our leading experts.

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