Offer to buy RSA

You might have seen that an offer has been made by a consortium of two companies to buy RSA. This does not change the way you deal with us at the moment. All policies, claims and other interactions with us will continue the same as before.

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Podcast, Covid-19

Managing customer relationships in times of change

In this podcast, we take a look at managing customer relationships with Alex Hardy, Sales Director of our UK Commercial Lines division.

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Podcast, Covid-19

Caring for staff in the new world of work

In this podcast, we are joined by Alex Hardy, Sales Director, UK Commercial Lines, Tony Bough, Head of Health, Safety & Wellbeing and Maren Burrows our UK Diversity & Inclusion Lead.


How to trade with us

Find out how to get set up as an RSA-registered broker and start trading RSA products.

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Document archive

Find archived versions of policy wordings and other product documents here.

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Helpful links

Find the tools you need to trade online, find support and more.

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Risk consultancy

Our in-house specialists help protect businesses for the long-term - with focused support and long-standing expertise.

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