Collaborative partnership helps build a tailored property solution

When a broker approached us looking to transfer their client's property owners insurance, strong relationships and valuable time spent allowed our teams to understand the challenges the business faced and tailor cover precisely to their needs.

6 September 2021

It’s true that the earlier we can engage with a potential client and spend time getting to know their business, the more support we can offer them. This was just the case when our long-term broker partner advised us of a pipeline renewal for a commercial property company with an extensive portfolio of properties across the East Midlands.

With properties that ranged from small units to large warehouses and office blocks, the client housed various different commercial enterprises, including labs, gyms, police, artisan workshops and much more.

The broker approached us three months before renewal and worked alongside our team of risk consultants and underwriters to build a complete picture of the client’s needs. Together, they designed a solution centred on the client’s specific concerns around tenanted costs, claims and unoccupancy. 

Sometimes, it’s not about cost but the additional insight, experience and attention to detail that can help a client decide to change providers. Through our proactive approach and open dialogue, our team could understand exactly what was important to the business and where our cover could offer extra reassurance.

Working closely with the broker enabled us to find the right solution together. Impressed with the service and offering from both insurer and broker, the client was more than happy to move their business over.

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