Driving savings through better risk management

Sometimes it takes a lot of work, awareness and expertise to bring about a real change – but when a haulage company needed to transform their insurance profile, we were there to help them understand and reduce their risks.

16 April 2021

Line of business: Motor Fleet

Trade: Haulier

We make it our priority to ensure our clients get the most out of their insurance cover, which often means periodically reviewing their claims and risk management history to see where we can offer extra support. With this being said, most real changes need to start with the client themselves, and usually requires a complete shift in mindset and behaviours to bring results.

This was exactly the case for our motor fleet client, who realised in the summer of 2019 that their rising insurance costs were becoming a strain on their haulage business. What followed was a long road to understanding and implementing change across their fleet, with improvements and support spanning over 18 months.

Initially turning to their broker, the client made positive steps to address key areas of risk and, with shifts like installing CCTV in their vehicles and engaging an external company to assist with driver profiling, they were able to improve the attractiveness of the risk for any potential insurers.

Our strong relationship with the broker meant that this positive change didn’t go unnoticed, and we planned towards writing the new cover package in the first quarter of 2021. Early talks meant that we were able to discover a lot about the client and their culture, and our specific knowledge of this trade sector was well demonstrated by our underwriting team.

Our mission was to design an offer that would not only save the client a great deal of money on their prior costs, but also help them to get real value from continuing to work on their risk management across the fleet.

The result was a long-term package, tailored to their business and with incentives planted throughout to encourage the client to keep improving their risk profile. This deal not only saved and delivered instant savings on existing costs and rewarded them for their hard work, but it is also designed to keep supporting them well into the future.

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