Keep your belongings safe amid a rise in lost items post-lockdown

Data from our friends at MORE THAN shows that insurance claims for lost items has climbed 60% since UK lockdown restrictions eased earlier this year. As people spend more time away from home, we discuss our tips on keeping your belongings safe.

29 September 2021

It’s been a few months since lockdown restrictions eased earlier this year. While this is certainly cause to celebrate, unfortunately one adverse effect we’ve seen post-lockdown is a rise in claims for lost items, with data from our friends at MORE THAN showing a 60% increase in reports of missing belongings.

Comparing claims data from February 2021, when the UK was in full lockdown, with June 2021, after the opening of indoor hospitality, insurance claims for lost mobile phones and spectacles shot up by 229% and 225% respectively. Claims for lost jewellery also increased by 67% over the same period.

It can be easy to lose or misplace something, but anyone who has lost a possession in the past will know how distressing it can be. Not only can it be costly to replace a missing item, particularly if you don’t have insurance, but our possessions also often have sentimental value that can’t be replaced.

With people getting used to spending more time away from home, it’s worth being extra cautious and reminding ourselves of our old security habits to keep belongings safe.

Our top tips

  • Keep jewellery secure: a lot of the claims we’ve received are due to people taking off jewellery, for example while washing their hands, and then forgetting to pick it back up again. It’s worth trying to avoid taking off jewellery while out and about, but, if you do need to take it off, make sure you put it somewhere safe, such as in your bag or wallet, and remember to put it back on afterwards.
  • Make a check list: make a mental note of the prized belongings you’re taking with you when you go out, as it can help prevent anything from being misplaced and forgotten.
  • Put things back where they belong: keep prized belongings in a specific place, such as a special compartment in your bag. You’ll be less likely to misplace it, and it can also make it easier to perform occasional checks to make sure it’s still there.
  • Find my phone: set up ‘find my phone’ on your device if it’s available. This means that, if you misplace your phone, you might be able to track it, providing that your phone is turned on.
  • Check your home insurance: it can be distressing and costly if you lose a prized possession, so it’s worth making sure you have the right insurance cover to fall back on. Some home insurers offer personal possessions insurance as an optional extra, which covers you if you lose something while away from home.